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last night lover and i got to get all dolled up for a gala. the professional BC wedding awards had their first year of awards that went out to the vendors of the bc wedding industry. december 1 was the gala night! what a fantastic party! the venue, district 319 was PERFECT! and to see so many friends in the industry there - that was the BEST part. the awards given out  had different categories for all vendors - best cake, wedding catering company, best venue, best overall florist. there were also 5 categories for the photography section:

best overall wedding photography || best candid/photojournalism photograph || best portrait - bride and groom together || best detail photograph || best wedding group.

i submitted three! :) the wedding group, bride and groom together and overall wedding.

here were my submissions:

 *for bride and groom together*

(from my smithers wedding!)


*for wedding group*

 (i thought it was so fun! hee hee)


and overall wedding - from my wedding in sept *brock & ang*

(they are in the slideshow attached - there are only a few..i forget all the ones i i’ve been a little busy and can’t remember..)

it was fun to submit…i knew that there were going to be LOTS of submissions from AMAZING photogs in bc..but was a fun experience.

some of my friends in the industry were runner-ups and some won! it was really cool!! i was so very proud of them all..those who entered and those who were runner-ups and winners. if you know ANYTHING about our industry, there is a WHOLE lot of awesome going on here. :) in my opinion, the place was packed full of winners.

at the bottom of each submission there was a question that said something like, “who would you choose for an industry acheivement award? someone who you feel has made a contribution to the wedding industry, etc.” well..i named several amazing people who i thought have really made a difference in the industry.

before the gala night i was told i was one of the finalists for this spot. WHAT??!! i couldn’t believe it!

last night when they got to this bc wedding awards gala, they named the eight who were the finalists. as i listened to the rest of the names that surrounded mine, i was, at that very moment, really honoured to be amongst them. that was enough for me. :) they awarded an amazing lady who does wedding and event planning. it was all really cool. everyone who was involved from the top to the bottom, did an incredible job. it will be cool to see what next year looks like…i will watch from afar, from my new life in manila.. :)

so ya.  this sort of officially ended my “vancouver wedding photographer” on such a high note. yes i’ll be back to shoot weddings now and then when invited by clients..but my time in vancouver has come to a sort of close. there. i just said it. WEIRD. perhaps i shall be in denial some more..

it’s been a remarkable almost 4 years in the industry here..i have learned so much! i have had the pleasure and honour of shooting some amazing weddings and having some really remarkable clients…*happy sigh* :) i have also had a blast second shooting with so many of vancouver’s finest wedding photographers..its been a real honour working with them! *happy happy sigh!* :) :)

so thank you, vancouver.. thank you for your love..i’m truly overwhelmed and honoured. you are the best place on earth.

and thank you for making it so easy to live here..and so very hard to leave. xo

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