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i woke early this morning. 6:25am. not on purpose. but maybe it was on purpose.

as i rolled over and looked out our 8th floor window of our hotel at the fairmont airport hotel, i watch all the lights twinkle with the dark blue sky as their backdrop. morning was nigh. it was quite and peaceful. yet the flickering lights and the movement of airplanes and vehicles scurried about without disturbing it. the sky was clear..not many clouds in the sky.

as i sat and watched the sun rise in my beloved vancouver, i was overcome with much emotion.

here is the morning we jet off to manila..the morning we have been counting down to for months. here it is and it barely seems real. the 12 pieces of luggage and the hotel room help me believe it’s real. the jet planes taking off at a steady pace help me believe it’s real. the excitement the kids have bubbling inside to see their cousins helps me believe it’s real.

as i lay and watch the sky go from dark blue to lighter blue and shades of oranges and yellows, i lay with a lump in my throat.

the day is preparing a beautiful show for us. a bright clear sky. gorgeous colours. the flights leaving.

and so here is our lives…ready for the new chapter to begin…the sky is clear and bright, as is our future. where it will take us exactly, i know not. but what i do know is that it is so very right. and so very exciting.

stay tuned…the trailer was good..the main show - it’s gonna be AWESOME. :)


taken with caleb’s iPod touch at 6:44am this morning.

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aww.. I can't wait to read more about your new journey! I'm not even in vancouver but i feel like im gonna miss you!! I'm excited for the main show!haha safe trip for you & the family!! =)

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