featured vendor: JEWELIETTE JEWELRY || vancouver wedding photographer

madalena corsi, owner of JEWELIETTE JEWELRY, has got to be one of the sweetest ladies i know. and always always ALWAYS has a smile on her face.

a few weeks back i did a lifestyle shoot with her daughter ELSA and her man ANTHONY. we snuck in some adorable mom/daughter shots too..

20100613_elsa-3686.jpg 20100613_elsa-3691.jpg

madalena has this amazing boutique full of gorgeous finds for your special day..be it a wedding, a gala or a fun party!

i was in her shop and loved everything i saw!



i would highly recommend any lady loving pretty things and gorgeous jewelry to make their way over to her shop on seymour downtown. and be sure to take a boo at her site online: http://www.jeweliette.com/

many hugs to you, madalena! xoxo

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