eugene & hannah - second shooting with fran chelico || vancouver wedding photographer

last weekend i got to shoot with one of my dearest friends and amazing photographer, fran chelico. not only was frannie’s couple ADORABLE, but they had a GORGEOUS day with GORGEOUS details. and to top it off, frannie had me in stitches the WHOLE day. seriously..i love my job and i love that i get to work with my friends. :)

i met up with the guys before we met fran and the girls at the church at eugene’s place..


20100710_eughan-0004 copy.jpg


oh..did i mention that the best man’s uncle let eugene use his BENTLEY that day? chuckle..ya..i HAD to ride in it with them to the was rough. :) chuckle..raf, the best man, said that his uncle said it was too bad they were gettin married next week..they could have used his new ferrari…DOH! :) but the bentley did JUST fine. :)



the church they got married at was in was a big, BRIGHT church. it was lovely..and the details were so lovely too.. :)


20100710_eughan-0020 copy.jpg 20100710_eughan-0022 copy.jpg ceremony.jpg

a tender moment caught after the ceremony…


before we headed to do bridal portraits, the bride and groom INSISTED we all stop for lunch…at tim hortons/wendy’s near the church. frannie and i were like, saweeeeeeeet! it was really a lot of fun. :)

20100710_eughan-0029 copy.jpg

20100710_eughan-0028 copy.jpg

then off to olympic village in false creek we went to shoot some FUN bridal portraits. not gonna lie..i was rockin the flare with my 50mm that yes, there are a FEW flare-y photos…but they are SOOOOOOO cool. :) just making up for the times when the sun isn’t “just right” to get them. :p

20100710_eughan-0035 copy.jpg

20100710_eughan-0032 copy.jpg

TOTALLY love the umbrella that hannah painted!! so adorable!

20100710_eughan-0030 copy.jpg

a few details…

20100710_eughan-0031 copy.jpg

20100710_eughan-0034 copy.jpg

and then we started to wander about… :)

20100710_eughan-0036 copy.jpg

ok… i LOVE this shot of the guys..the flare was TOTALLY working with me.. :)20100710_eughan-0040 copy.jpg

 the fabulous bridal party that were such an amazing support to eugene & hannah..

20100710_eughan-0041 copy.jpg

20100710_eughan-0049 copy.jpg

20100710_eughan-0038 copy.jpg

 a little fun.. :)

20100710_eughan-0050 copy.jpg

 some more flare..cuz we can.. :)

20100710_eughan-0046 copy.jpg

20100710_eughan-0044 copy.jpg

20100710_eughan-0047 copy.jpg

20100710_eughan-0045 copy.jpg

20100710_eughan-0042 copy.jpg

the bouquets & boutonnieres, may i add, were STUNNING.

20100710_eughan-0037 copy.jpg

then we went over to false creek and got some cityscape shots…

20100710_eughan-0052 copy.jpg

 just before we headed to the reception, we went to one more little spot… :)

20100710_eughan-0054 copy.jpg

20100710_eughan-0055 copy.jpg

20100710_eughan-0056 copy.jpg

20100710_eughan-0057 copy.jpg 20100710_eughan-0061 copy.jpg

and off to the croatian cultural centre for a tea ceremony & some of the reception.

20100710_eughan-0070 copy.jpg

recpdetails copy.jpg

20100710_eughan-0064 copy.jpg

eugene and hannah..i wish you a very happy life together..lots of memories, tons of fun and constant joy. xo

20100710_eughan-0053 copy.jpg

head over to fran’s blog to see the post she made of her wonderful couple!

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fran chelico
great stuff tracey!!! always love seeing your angle. you rock girlfriend!! xoxo i love the days you work with me :)
Alex - Shot in Vancouver
Great work, Tracy! I really like the one of the bride and father entering the church framed by the greenery; nicely spotted during a quick moving event.
Nice shooting!! beautifully captured
Tracey, We LOVE the photos!!!! We were so blessed to have you as a second shooter. Let's keep in touch! Hannah and Eugene :)

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