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it was about 5 months ago when we decided that we were going back to the philippines as missionaries.

fast forward to today…the last 5 weeks have been a whirlwind! jonathan’s sister’s family (charity, who runs GENTLE HANDS) has been with us…they have one week left’s been such a good time for the cousins to bond and figure themselves out with each other..good times of memories and “adventure days”…and the reality that in 5 months is when we are headed overseas.

5 months has gone by SUPER fast. and 5 months is how much time we have til we plan to go. whoa. we have a LOT to do in the next 5 months.

besides having a FULL HOUSE and me (tracey) being in the throws of wedding season, we are moving 4 days after the last of the family departs on the 27th. I KNOW!

the place we are moving to is in our old hood (YAY!!)…a 2 bedroom basement suite that is about the size of our current living room and dining area..chuckle..nothing like preparing us for being missionaries already! :) we are in the midst of selling most EVERYTHING before the end of the month, that is not going with us to Manila.

jonathan’s sister had to come to vancouver on thurs for a couple days to look after some important banking stuff and we sent 2 boxes with her. not gonna lie - it was mixed emotions - excitement and tears.

excitement - we have just sent our first two boxes of personal affects to manila…it is REAL!

tears - the process of goodbyes is very real. SIGH.

so…summer is quickly flying by…after the move we go to calgary for a week-10 days for jonathan’s grandparents 60th wedding anniversary (and i’m flying up to smithers to shoot a wedding too!) then we get home and rosie goes to brownie camp and two weeks later - school starts.

wow..then it’s september.

i will try and update a little better.. i have had literally no time to do anything..between managing 4-8 others (besides our own 4) in the house at one time, shooting every weekend, and laundry coming out the wazoo and cleaning the house.

here’s our boxes..manila-bound… until next post… :)

box1.jpg box2.jpg

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