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spoleto, umbria...ah, you are so very lovely || destination wedding photographer

this fall my FOLLOW YOUR HEARTTO ITALY TOUR will be journeying through umbria & tuscany with MAX BRUNELLI. i noticed this morning that max had posted some new photos up on facebook. i just HAD to share them with you.

viva italia!

36722_1507927815319_1148027211_3157875_7509216_n.jpg 35574_1507928335332_1148027211_3157877_6075083_n.jpg 34100_1507928975348_1148027211_3157878_1483976_n.jpg

wild fleurs - personal || vancouver photographer

wild beauty amidst seeming chaos :)

(these are the wild flowers that have been picked on walks this week) 20100625_wildfleurs-6833.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6839.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6841.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6832.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6835.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6843.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6848.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6851.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6855.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6856.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6836.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6840.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6842.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6850.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6853.jpg 20100625_wildfleurs-6858.jpg

are you coming to ITALY this fall? || destination photographer

in case you didn't know - FOLLOW YOUR HEART tours || destination photographer

here’s the latest blog post from my FOLLOW YOUR HEART tours blog:


in 5 days you can get $100 off the FOLLOW YOUR HEARTTO ITALY tour if you register and submit your deposit! a hundred bucks is a hundred bucks! :) so what are you waiting for?!

this last ...

featured vendor: ELSA CORSI || vancouver wedding photographer

last weekend i had the priviledge of photographing elsa corsi, along with her man anthony and a few fun mother-daughter pics with her mama too!

when i went down with my jeanie friend to her dress fitting down at manuel mendosa’s, i had told both elsa & madalena that i was ...

rosie is 9!!! - personal || vancouver photographer

my baby girl turned 9. it just seemed not too long ago, over the pond in quezon city, manila, philippines that the little princess was flies… *sigh*

she wanted a build-a-bear party…so with two friends, 2 cousins and her “little” auntie emma and hayley, off to BUILD ...

precious little simone - happy father's day || vancouver destination photographer

i am so incredibly blessed to have some of the best clients in the world. as in really beautiful people with amazing hearts and stories and journies. i am also blessed that my “job”, if you will, takes me outside of my own city, very often.

when i got the message ...

we interupt the regular programming... || vancouver wedding photographer

hola friends..

i currently have 8 extra people residing in our abode…some of our family from the philippines has come for the summer…some for a couple weeks..some for a month..some for 6 weeks. :)

i will continue to blog when i have a moment to catch my breath between ...

the vault series - cannon beach || vancouver photographer

today i am pining for cannon beach..what an awesome summer holiday we had last year.. not sure if we’ll even be able to make it there this fall..oh how i hope we do..before we move across the pond… *sigh*

enjoy the beauty..just can’t get enough.. :)

orcoastjul14-0075 copy.jpg orcoastjul14-0077 copy.jpg orcoastjul14-0087 copy.jpg orcoastjul14-0235 copy.jpg orcoastjul14-0090 copy.jpg orcoastjul15-0459 copy.jpg orcoastjul15-0018 copy.jpg orcoastjul14-0145 copy.jpg orcoastjul15-0384 copy.jpg orcoastjul15-0522 copy.jpg orcoastjul15-0116 copy.jpg orcoastjul15-0085 copy.jpg

elsa & anthony & madalena - lifestyle session || vancouver photographer

a couple weeks ago i put on my blog that the 500th “fan” won a complimentary lifestyle session.

i couldn’t have been happier to give it to the beautiful elsa corsi. not only is she the most adorable, gorgeous diva in coal harbor, she is also a gem…who makes gems ...

rina & neil - lifestyle session || vancouver filipino photographer

rina & neil are too cute together.. rina’s always giggling and neil is always looking at her with eyes of love. it’s so cute.. :) they have been married almost a year…or is it two now?!

anyhow..we started off with gelato at my most favorite gelato place - la casa gelato - in ...

featured vendor: APRIL CAKES - part two || vancouver wedding photographer

here is part two of featured vendor APRIL CAKES

i snuck into her little bake shop…OH MY WORD! can you say ADORABLE!?!? seriously..i can see how she gets inspiration!

its so evident that she is PASSIONATE about cakes…her amazing eye for detail is crazy. she has an ...

grit & michael - maternity session || vancouver photographer

i first met michael…hmm…well..i can’t remember where i first met michael! mike is also a photographer here in vancity. his german sweetheart, grit, is a fabulous hair designer. both of them - entrepreneurs and wonderful human beans. :)

when mike proposed to grit in VENICE..on a GONDOLA…i freaked ...

seattle sessions with me - june 19, 2010 || vancouver photographer

remembering - personal || vancouver photographer

you know when sometimes, right out of the blue something just HITS you…you dont even see it coming and then BAMM! it hits you like a ton of bricks.

that just happened to me.

i have no grammas. in a matter of a year and a half all three of mine passed ...

featured vendor: ROSE'S FLOWERS & GIFTS || vancouver wedding photographer

this week i have the pleasure of featuring ROSE’S FLOWERS & GIFTS as my featured vendor. p>

i snuck down this morning to the wedding venue where rosalba was setting up with her creations to take a few photos to showcase today. 

rosalba started her business in 2004. she ...

bohemian nation jewelry || vancouver photographer

this last week we had some good friends from manila come visit us in vancouver on their 6-week stint to north america. they have several businesses in the of them being bohemian nation trading company. bohemian nation was founded in 2002 with a diverse range of furnishing and ...

i am still here!! - personal || vancouver photographer

i haven’t blogged for DAYS! i’m still here..just distracted with our visitors from manila who have been with us since wednesday. we “met” through j’s mom on facebook about a month ago…they have been “creeping” our profiles and reading through our blog posts for months…!

we have totally connected and ...