featured vendor: ROSE'S FLOWERS & GIFTS || vancouver wedding photographer

this week i have the pleasure of featuring ROSE’S FLOWERS & GIFTS as my featured vendor. p>

i snuck down this morning to the wedding venue where rosalba was setting up with her creations to take a few photos to showcase today. 

rosalba started her business in 2004. she does weddings and special events, yet is known for her generous spirit in giving to charitable causes.

the way she pays attention to detail - notice the ends of the corsages to finish them off nicely..or the intricate little gems throughout the bouquet. it is quite evident that rose loves what she does. :) and she uses local growers as much as possible..talk about a sustainable business! 




thanks rose for letting me take a peek into your flower world! :) check out the slideshow below and more of her beautiful creations, check out her website: ROSE’S FLOWERS AND GIFTS.

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