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the moving sale begins - personal || vancouver photographer

we have begun purging…the preparations for our move overseas.

i have had lots of people ask me why i have started already…we aren’t planning to leave at the earliest, this christmas. i have reasons…

1) change is hard for me. i’ll be the first to admit it. :) so i figured if i ...

jaxson - newborn session || vancouver photographer

today i got to do the second half of the maternity &  newborn session with meryl and brian. it was soo awesome! :)

the other day when i was chatting with meryl on facebook, she said to me, “I seriously get weepy thinking of all the milestones you’ve taken ...

these faces - personal || vancouver photographer

some of you may know that we are moving overseas. we lived in overseas before. from 1996-2001 manila, philippines was our home. we gave birth to both our kiddies there.

and now, 9 years later, we have decided to move back.

for more info about our move go to our personal blog ...

scotty's got his golden ticket - personal || vancouver photographer

one of our very best friends graduated from UBC today with his Masters. it was a very moving time for me. not because of what his master’s was in (religious studies and history and other stuff that makes my brain hurt). but because of the journey we have traveled with him ...

hong kong - the vault series || vancouver photographer

hong kong is one of my favorite cities..i’m not sure if it’s the 360 degree circle of high rises amidst water…or the amazing red and other colours that POP out at you..maybe it’s the crazy taxi drivers..nah, it’s not. :)

jonathan and i celebrated our FIRST anniversary ...

italian cuisine - the vault series || vancouver photographer

not gonna lie. i LOVE food. as in i could eat ALL. THE. TIME. wait. let me clarify - i love GOOD food. :)

and being that lover is a trained chef, some of his experiements at home - OH.MY.WORD. ya. it’s easy to eat food for me.


when i was ...

i'll shoot you - cute buttons by herrohachi || vancouver photographer

if you are on twitter (and you should be!) you may have been one of the 5 that i gave away one  of these ADORABLE buttons to! [follow me on twitter and you can win cool stuff! ]

my dear friend kym has an etsy store ...

munich, germany - the vault series || vancouver photographer

not gonna lie..the first night in munich i had flashbacks of THE SOUND OF MUSIC. the sirens at night..all i could picture was me being thrown into jail for something for no reason..chuckle..luckily my travelling companion didn’t have the same fear so we were good to ...

featured vendor: APRIL CAKES || vancouver wedding photographer

i have had the pleasure of meeting so many AMAZING vendors in the wedding industry the last three years i have been in vancouver. from wedding planners to florists to videographers to cake designers.

i decided i needed to start promoting some of these amazing vendors more intentionally.. so once a ...

zurich wanderings - the vault series || vancouver photographer

the first installment of the vault series takes us to zurich switzerland, where my best friend and i wandered while waiting for our train to munich….

IMG_9737.jpg IMG_9754.jpg IMG_9775.jpg IMG_9756.jpg IMG_9786.jpg IMG_9791.jpg

the vault series || vancouver photographer

i can’t tell you how many photographs i have….as in really. i can’t tell you. :)

but i take photos all the time, everywhere i go. so many…some seen, some not. so i will begin the vault series.. where i will dig inthe folders of my hard drives and ...

my hour with my rosie - personal || vancouver photographer

today was student led open house at school…the kids have a stack of things to show their parents - work, art, projects - and talk about it all. most parents, i saw, were in there with their kid for about 20 minutes max.

my rosie does not know what a reader’s digest version ...

a lovely wander through finn slough - personal || vancouver photographer

i have passed by finn slough a couple times. but never had the opportunity to really stop and see this little village. i have heard lots about it. and have always been intrigued.

so when kerri and i were already out at was a given…

and a given that moved ...

britannia shipyard - personal || vancouver photographer

while we were in steveston, kerri and i made our way to the britannia shipyards.

it was such an incredible day -  warm, sunny, not a cloud in the sky. and it was so very quiet too. i love the shipyards. it reminds me of my great grandfather, grampa snitchuk, who worked ...

a trip to steveston w/kerri - personal || vancouver photographer

the same morning i took my friend shelley to the airport, i was picking up my other friend, kerri 2 hours later! 

i met kerri before J and i were dating; we were roommates in fact. then we moved to asia in 1996 and she moved to colorado and acquired ...

jeanie & ian's lil' eParty - personal || vancouver photographer

when one of my best friends, jeanie, told me she was getting married - i think i squeeled. :) her man ROCKS. not only are her man and my man “instant BFFs” (giggle), but her man and she are totally made for each other! i love watching them together..they compliment each ...

weekend with shell - personal || vancouver photographer

the saturday that my friend shelley was here it was GORGEOUS in vancouver! so off we went via skytrain downtown and enjoy being a tourist.. :)

we found sushi for starters - FRESH BC sushi, shell.. :) mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm. :) as you can see, we finished ‘er off good..

201005_shelleytrip-3055.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3051.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3056.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3057.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3052.jpg 

then we headed to ...

shelley - lifestyle session || vancouver photographer crazy and dear friend from SK who convinced me that running a half marathon would be a good thing.

i blame you, girl, for the pain my poor body has gone through. but it was fun doing it with you and i wouldn’t have traded it for the world ...

candice & daniel...welcome to vancouver! - lifestyle session || vancouver photographer

when my friend lani told me  her bro and his wife were moving to vancouver, i couldn’t be happier.

i have always pictured candice and daniel as city, more specifically vancouver, folk; they are artsy and very WESTCOAST.

so after their first week in the big city, we did a “welcome ...

meryl & brian - maternity session || vancouver photographer

let me think…i’ve known brian since 2001..and meryl a couple years after that.. meryl was in our youth group! wow..suddenly i feel very VERY old. :p


regardless..brian and meryl headed out to vancouver about 6 months after we did. and rewind a little more - i ...

angela & domi - maternity session || vancouver photographer

i remember meeting ang & domi at a wedding. they own the ever fabulous PHOTOBOOTH VANCOUVER. can i just say i LOVE photobooths..i think most photogs do..time to be cheeze in front of the camera.


ANYWAY, this blog post is NOT about that. :)


back to ang ...

shannon & omer - our one true wedding {wish} couple || vancouver wedding photographer

back before christmas when jeanie asked me if i’d like to give away wedding photography to a couple next year who were involved in “giving” to the community, i was all over it!


[that story HERE if you are new to the blog]


the decision was really hard; we had ...

i have lost my mind || vancouver photographer

yes..yes its true..i have lost my mind..

my friend shelley from saskatchewan has flown out and we are going to attempt the 1/2 marathon tomoro morning…at 7am.


here’s the route map… and its supposed to rain. so can’t wait (layers of sarcasm there)


we both just want ...