jeanie & ian's lil' eParty - personal || vancouver photographer

when one of my best friends, jeanie, told me she was getting married - i think i squeeled. :) her man ROCKS. not only are her man and my man “instant BFFs” (giggle), but her man and she are totally made for each other! i love watching them together..they compliment each other so much! his humour and her crazy fun…his sincerity and her depth..ya..they are remarkable. and i’m so, so glad ian is “joining our family”. :)

when a couple of their, and my, friends heard of this, we asked her if we could have a small engagment party for them.. so they emailed us their lists of some of their friends and family and a good time we had.

the INCREDIBLE april from april cakes made their FANTASTIC engagement cake! if you know jeanie, you will know that, and i quote from rosie: jeanie’s a skull kinda girl. :)

20100425_ji_eparty-2303.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2302.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2307.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2305.jpg

we had lots of yummy food too! chef steph (hey that rhymed) filled in on the barbey as J was away, and we had lots of BBQ goodness too! one of jeanie’s friends made these ADORABLE cake lollipops! i was like, what!? is she martha’s relative?? they were awesome.

20100425_ji_eparty-2316.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2311.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2317.jpg20100425_ji_eparty-2327.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2328.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2332.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2333.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2358.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2361.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2370.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2371.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2377.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2378.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2422.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2421.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2419.jpg

of course cutting of the cake was in order - talk about the most AWKWARD moment, intitally..good thing they got to practise before they cut their wedding cake (are you guys having a wedding cake!?) :) 20100425_ji_eparty-2387.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2391.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2402.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2407.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2409.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2417.jpg

my rosie did some wonderful artwork for jeanie & ian as was so sweet..and so very adorable. my rosie is amazing.

20100425_ji_eparty-2427.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2429.jpg

thank you, jj & ian, for letting us celebrate you! your wedding in scotland this summer will be amazing! can’t wait to see pics! xoxo


wowowowowowWOW!!! thank you so MUCH ms tracey for being so completely amazing with the images! thank you kathy+miranda and all our fabulous friends who are so supportive and open and giving! you know who you are!!! {love}
jamie delaine
too fun. how adorable are they? SO!
tracey heppner
tracey heppner
@jeanie - xoxoxoxo much love to you friend... :) @jamie - SOOO adorable indeed!!! @angela - thanks hun.. ;)

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