shelley - lifestyle session || vancouver photographer crazy and dear friend from SK who convinced me that running a half marathon would be a good thing.

i blame you, girl, for the pain my poor body has gone through. but it was fun doing it with you and i wouldn’t have traded it for the world. :) xoxo

i have known shelley since 2001…that’s 9 years. wow. WOW! :) she’s one of my best friends and i just love her to bits. it’s always the same when we see each other, no matter how much, or little time has passed. we pick up where we left off and continue on like time stood still. we are so opposite on so many levels..which is good..and not gonna lie, annoying, when i want to complain during kilometre 19 cuz i’m in agony and she’s all chipper. but i wouldn’t want her any other way. me loves her just like she is.

thanks for coming for the weekend friend. in the words of one of my other dear friends: me love you long time. xoxo


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