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the saturday that my friend shelley was here it was GORGEOUS in vancouver! so off we went via skytrain downtown and enjoy being a tourist.. :)

we found sushi for starters - FRESH BC sushi, shell.. :) mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm. :) as you can see, we finished ‘er off good..

201005_shelleytrip-3055.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3051.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3056.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3057.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3052.jpg 

then we headed to robson square..where there was a cannabis rally at the art gallery..but the big floral canvases were still up so it made it much fun! ;)

201005_shelleytrip-3064_.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3086.jpg


201005_shelleytrip-3080.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3069_.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3098.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3100.jpg

shell hadn’t been on robson street in years so off to window shop and people watch we went.. :)

201005_shelleytrip-3107.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3109.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3119.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3116.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3122.jpg

of course a trip downtown isn’t complete without coffee..and brian and meryl met up with us for some of the best java ever..

201005_shelleytrip-3124.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3125.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3126.jpg

it was a fun day.. :) good to have a fun day before a brutal day was approaching.. ;)

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