a lovely wander through finn slough - personal || vancouver photographer

i have passed by finn slough a couple times. but never had the opportunity to really stop and see this little village. i have heard lots about it. and have always been intrigued.

so when kerri and i were already out at steveston..it was a given…

and a given that moved me beyond words…so i leave you with photos of this little village that some call their home… 

201005_kerri-3339.jpg 201005_kerri-3340.jpg 201005_kerri-3341.jpg 201005_kerri-3342.jpg 201005_kerri-3344.jpg 201005_kerri-3345.jpg 201005_kerri-3346.jpg 201005_kerri-3349.jpg 201005_kerri-3351.jpg 201005_kerri-3357.jpg 201005_kerri-3362.jpg 201005_kerri-3364.jpg 201005_kerri-3366.jpg 201005_kerri-3369.jpg 201005_kerri-3371.jpg 201005_kerri-3374.jpg 201005_kerri-3375.jpg


I'm intrigued by this place - I want to visit. Love the 7th photo from the end - the school shot.
tracey heppner
tracey heppner
@andrew - thanks man! :) @vi - this place is like from out of a book or movie..i simply love it. :)
Angela Hubbard
Tracey, your work is just phenominal!. kudos lovely
tracey heppner
tracey heppner
@angela - grazie bella. :)
Awesome Tracey! Ang ganda!
tracey heppner
tracey heppner
@jade - maraming salamat jade! 'musta ka na? ang baby mo? laki na sya ey, o?! :)

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