a trip to steveston w/kerri - personal || vancouver photographer

the same morning i took my friend shelley to the airport, i was picking up my other friend, kerri 2 hours later! 

i met kerri before J and i were dating; we were roommates in fact. then we moved to asia in 1996 and she moved to colorado and acquired a greencard. :) kerri came and visited me in the philippines in 1999 i think it was…we went beach hopping and i took her to the province and we had a great time! (for all of you who love adventure and love to travel, put asia on your list and i PROMISE you a great time when you stop in the philippines!)

when we moved back to canada we continued to keep in touch..an email here, a phone call there. ya..we’ve known each other a looooooooooong time. :) her and her now husband asked me if i’d like to come shoot their wedding in 2008…in germany. :) that was a grand adventure! check out the blogpost HERE.

so when kerri learned of us on the move again in the future and still hadn’t come visit me (it’s easier for her to come then me to come..i have kids.. giggle!) in vancouver, and her cousin was getting married on saltspring…well, you guessed it. i was having a house guest!

one of the days she was here we took a wander down to steveston..walked about..found some delish coffee and then had sushi at “steveston’s best sushi” place..














Tracey -I love this series! My family lived their for a while and your shots are awesome -I am transported there! Wonderful work.
tracey heppner
tracey heppner
@leslie - i totally didn't know your family lived in steveston! i always thought you were born and raised laurel road area! :) i love it in steveston..it's somewhat magical.. :) xo

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