italian cuisine - the vault series || vancouver photographer

not gonna lie. i LOVE food. as in i could eat ALL. THE. TIME. wait. let me clarify - i love GOOD food. :)

and being that lover is a trained chef, some of his experiements at home - OH.MY.WORD. ya. it’s easy to eat food for me.


when i was in italy, one thing i loved was the easy access to just about any kind of food at any time of day.

did i mention i’m a sucker for pastries too? ya..just a lil’ bit. :)

here are a few shots of FOOD whilst in italy…mmmmmmmmmmmm….. 

IMG_0396.jpg IMG_0426.jpg IMG_0017.jpg IMG_9874.jpg IMG_9576.jpg IMG_0013.jpg IMG_0018.jpg IMG_9875.jpg IMG_0618.jpg

excuse me now, please, while i go get a snack before bed… ;) 


Amber Hughes
Um... can I have one of everything? It all looks delicious! :)
oh tracey.... u are making me hungry! great photos as always!
@amber - hee hee no kidding hey!? @melissa... ;)

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