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some of you may know that we are moving overseas. we lived in overseas before. from 1996-2001 manila, philippines was our home. we gave birth to both our kiddies there.

and now, 9 years later, we have decided to move back.

for more info about our move go to our personal blog: HEPPNERS IN ASIA.

these are some of the faces that i met in october when i was there with the family. these are the faces that live at gentle hands. these are the faces who are longing for their forever families. these are the faces that etched into my heart when i was there. these are the faces i will go back to. these are the faces i that i will serve..

GH2_20091026-32 copy.jpg

GH2_20091026-26 copy.jpg

GH2_20091026-60 copy.jpg


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