jaxson - newborn session || vancouver photographer

today i got to do the second half of the maternity &  newborn session with meryl and brian. it was soo awesome! :)

the other day when i was chatting with meryl on facebook, she said to me, “I seriously get weepy thinking of all the milestones you’ve taken for us, engagement, wedding, casuals, preggers and now our first born pics. You have been such a blessing to us, and I don’t just mean behind the camera, we value all that you are to us and words really can’t describe what that all is…”

pretty sure i shed a tear… {sigh}

it’s true..i remember when i did their engagement & wedding photos in 2005… (their engagement photos are on film..and well, i dont have those scanned!)

weddingday2 087.jpg

then some fun lifestyle photos when they moved to vancouver…


and then just a couple weeks ago, their maternity session…


so ya..i have had the priviledge of “documenting” some of their moments.. :) they too, are moving from vancouver summer to calgary… just thinking about it makes me tear up…again, like scott & darlene, totally happy for them, excited about their new adventure..but the bittersweet reality of not being “there” for some more of their moments.

THANK GOD FOR SKYPE, is all i gotta say. :p

it was so beautiful watching meryl and brian today…i had rosie there with me…when rosie was about 3 or 4, meryl was her BEST friend in the whole world. rosie even got to be mer’s flowergirl. :) so rosie was sooo excited to see her friend’s baby today. :) it was so precious.. {sigh} meryl is such a great little mom…the way she is so tender, like only mommies can be…the way she just “knows” and she didn’t have to read a book to learn how to “know”…and bri…my little bro…he’s a daddy.. and such a proud daddy..and so attentive..and the only word that comes to my mind is “grown-up”…not that he wasn’t before..but there was a certain presence about him today, and actually since jaxson was born, that says, “i’m a dad..i’m the protector.”

it was so incredible to see these two and this little one be a family. {sigh} more tears.. :)

i did my best to keep all the emotion in today.. i think i did a pretty good job… :) i only wanted to nibble on every part of jaxson instead. :p

so without further a due, here is our precious time together.

 a few details of jaxson’s room…



meryl painted these ADORABLE pictures for his room. she could TOTALLY sell these bad boys.. :)




and the star of the show.. JAXSON ARTHUR THOMAS REESOR. BORN MAY 20, 2010. 8LBS 15 OZ


20100529_jaxson-4721 copy.jpg






some photos with mama…



and some with daddy..

20100529_jaxson-4788.jpg 20100529_jaxson-4821.jpg

and the lil’ fam…

20100529_jaxson-4832.jpg 20100529_jaxson-4859.jpg 20100529_jaxson-4897.jpg 20100529_jaxson-4864.jpg 20100529_jaxson-4928.jpg

and a few more details of his royal cuteness.. :)

20100529_jaxson-4953.jpg 20100529_jaxson-4956.jpg 20100529_jaxson-4974.jpg 20100529_jaxson-4981.jpg

of course we had to take some photos with  miss rosie and little man jaxon and tita meryl.. :)

20100529_jaxson-4942.jpg 20100529_jaxson-4945.jpg 20100529_jaxson-4949.jpg

i love you guys much.. and thank you for letting me be a part of your lives.. xoxo


these are priceless... so precious... trace, you do good work, spectacular actually :)
sandy hunter
what beautiful photos and people,bless you all
simply beautiful!!! such a touching experience too. can't say how much of an inspiration you are =)
@sherry - suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper cute! @mom - they are such beautiful peeps...xo @abotz - it was such a nice afternoon...*sigh*

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