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with only a mere 6 weeks til we fly out, i have to tell you..i’m starting to get “mushy”.. :)

i/we LOVE vancouver. everything about vancouver. the culture. the weather. the people. the things to do. man, is it gonna be hard to leave this city. it’d be different if we were like, “oh man, cannot WAIT to get out of this hole of a city!”. no..we dont feel like that at ALL!

vancouver has been home for us for almost 4 years…it’s been an adventure. it’s been hard. it’s been awesome to meet so many amazing people. it’s been great to explore. it’s been amazing to raise our kids in.

there have been many laughs..many tears..many questions..many victories..many growing times..many hard times…many remarkable times.

we just have nothing but love for this city. :)

have been working on a business project with a client and i was going thru some old stock photos.. i have THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS. (one of my goals is to go thru ALL my files next year and catergorize them..or..have someone else do that..!) going thru a bunch of VANCOUVER stock stuff made my heart warm..and a little sad. but mostly warm. :) so i thought i’d process them for my blog.

here is vancouver thru my eyes… enjoy.


leo-3.jpg leo-4.jpg leo-5.jpg leo-2.jpg leo-7.jpg leo-9.jpg leo-15.jpg leo-18.jpg leo-17.jpg leo-22.jpg leo-19.jpg leo-13.jpg leo-10.jpg leo-6.jpg leo-1.jpg leo-25.jpg leo-14.jpg leo-50.jpg leo-40.jpg leo-43.jpg leo-36.jpg leo-31.jpg leo-37.jpg leo-33.jpg leo-32.jpg leo-26.jpg leo-30.jpg leo-35.jpg leo-42.jpg leo-41.jpg leo-34.jpg leo-38.jpg leo-27.jpg leo-20.jpg leo-24.jpg leo-11.jpg leo-8.jpg

vancouver - i just love you.



wow nice photos. I miss Vancouver so much!
claude lemire
Hi There!! I visited Vancouver for just a weekend recently and totally loved it!!!! I'm from Winnipeg or "Winterpeg", I'm in my early 50's, and I'm considering Vancouver as my retirement base in a few years. I love the snow, but not so much the cold. I love the beauty that the west coast has to offer. I'm exploring my possibilities; I must say some blogs are quite negative (about anywhere and anything), but I am simply searching for possibilities. I plan to rent as real estate is no doubt expensive and out of reach. Thanks for your information. I find it all true and very encouraging.
I visited Vancouver from Montreal for a few days and found it absolutely wonderful. Coming from the East, it feels amazing that this is Canada as well. A very unique and interesting spin on Canada indeed. :)

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