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i love seattle.

i dont love very many US cities (no offense my american friends!) but seattle..L-O-V-E!  everything about it..the mild weather..the downtown..the COFFEE! oh the coffee.. the ambience. the water.

yes..seattle is beautiful. and when my friend darlene said we should go on one last road trip to seattle together, i was ALL over it. :)

a few photos i snapped on our trip… cuz it’s what i do. ;)

of course we ate at the ATHENIAN..the very restaurant tom hanks did in sleepless in seattle.. :)

IMG_7288 copy.jpg

 my clam chowder….mmmmmmmmmmm. :)

IMG_7284 copy.jpg

 the gorgeous $5-$15 bouquets!!

IMG_7290 copy.jpg

 wanna hat?

IMG_7308 copy.jpg IMG_7327 copy.jpg IMG_7339 copy.jpg

 hot peppahs..

IMG_7373 copy.jpg

 this was in a hallway.. love it.

IMG_7345 copy.jpg IMG_7360 copy.jpg

 this is SO me. :)

IMG_7377 copy.jpg IMG_7370 copy.jpg

 how i will miss trips down to seattle…ah, the grieving season…. xoxo

IMG_7366 copy.jpg

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