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if you follow my facebook or blogs, you know that we, as a family, are making our way to the philippines in december. to move. for a long while.

if you DIDN’T know, then i have done a not so great of a job of keeping you in the know, now haven’t i? :) of the things i wanted to do before we left this amazing city was to do an art auction fundraiser for the building expansion project of GENTLE HANDS in manila philippines, the non-profit we will be working with when we move there.

GENTLE HANDS is a Christian social welfare agency located in Metro Manila. we rescue children who are abandoned, abused, or malnourished. we are also a licensed foster/adoption agency. my husband’s family runs it. we can hardly wait to be a part!

i have some pretty amazing artists and photographers donating AMAZING pieces of fine art for this auction fundraiser.. here are the ones i’m donating..

this one is framed in a vintage frame:


and these ones are prints on foamboard, ready to frame.





yes, all of them are from my venice collection. :) i do hope you will follow the blog for more info on being able to bid on some of the wonderful pieces we will have. more info will be coming in the coming weeks.

ciao mia amici! :)

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