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this summer we took our final road trip with Pedro, our beloved Xterra. :)

jonathan’s grandparents were celebrating their 60th. aren’t they adorable? (this was them in burnaby before we went to philippines a year ago and then on the beach in boracay in the philippines.) IMG_8256.jpg 20091023_gpananny_email-9353.jpg

so we drove out to calgary….left at the crack of dawn.. ;) and stopped in three-valley gap..at the ghost town.. we had always wanted to..and not knowing when the next time, during the day, we would be driving through there..we did.

a few of my faves..

201008-0010.jpg 201008-0014.jpg 201008-0028.jpg 201008-0038.jpg 201008-0052.jpg 201008-0062.jpg 201008-0070.jpg

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