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october 27, 2010 was a very special day for me. it was the day i left for italy.

it was 10 months earlier that i first communicated with max brunnelli from italy about organizing my own phototour in italy. 

travel has been in my blood since i can remember…and photography..well, you know. :) so when the two started “dating”, well, it was evident this was going to be a wonderful relationship…i have been so blessed to be able to travel with my camera to so many different places in the US and Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong & the Philippines. yes..i have been blessed. there are still many places i plan to visit in my life..

but one place in particular that has been incredibly close to my heart has been italy. not because “everyone’s going to italy”…no, i will have to blame my love for italy on my neighbour, iole. when we first met almost 4 years ago, instantly i fell in love with her and her amazing family that not only were conveniently our neighbors, but they also turned into our friends. how blessed we are.

2 years ago was my first visit to italia. i actually went to germany to shoot a wedding and my friend erin lewis, and i “hopped” over to italy and down to venice for 4 days.

it was in those 4 days that have been etched into my heart. and cultivated for the last 2 years by my dear friend, iole…and getting my hands on everything ITALIAN i could.. :)

back to this phototour. :)

max and his wife cristiana have so graciously organized the italy end of my phototour. where we will be going, what will be seeing, the food we will be enjoying. i simply had to invite people to come on my adventure and let them follow their hearts to italy as well.

there are 6 of us, excluding max and cristiana, on my tour.. myself, 3 photographers and my parents, who are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary by coming to italy.

this is the “inaugural” tour of my FOLLOW OUR HEART tours.. it’s very exciting for me. not only do i intend to visit italy and all its different regions every fall now (did you get that hint, max?!) but i also intend to do tours in asia, where we are moving before the new year…first the philippines..then maybe singapore, then perhaps india..and the list will go on.

so thank you..thank you for reading this journey…thank you, max & cristiana, for preparing this journey, and thanks to aura, teresa, nicole, sandy & wayne, for coming along on this journey. 

i hope the next week’s photos inspire you..and more so, awaken your heart to come along with me sometime, and follow your heart. 

xo tracey

departure time: 20:35 - British Airways 084 to we go! 


almost to london…wooooooooo!


this, my friends, is the first and only time i have seen outside the London-Heathrow airport..chuckle.. :)


patiently waiting for the second, much shorter, flight to Roma….!


the sunset as we are heading south into italy..


yay! we made it!




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nice mom miss you lots i wish i were there. hope you are having a fun time

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