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katrien & steven - second shooting with jamie delaine || vancouver wedding photographer

one of the last weddings of my 2010 second shooting season was this month with jamie delaine. it was a beautiful wedding; held at shawnassey golf course. it had been raining NONSTOP the day before. but the morning of the wedding, the rain subsided and the clouds dispersed some and ...

why not get married at a castle? || destination wedding photographer

lots of us girls dream about our wedding day. what we will wear, what it will all look like, where we will get married.

one wedding i shot in germany was near this ADORABLE town of garmisch partenkirschen. the little town itself was a dream…walking everywhere..cafes and shops along the ...

little bit excited..ya i am! - travel || destination photographer

i cannot begin to tell you how excited i am for this tour! i have had a love affair with Italy for the last 3 years really. 2 years ago was my first trip.. throught the mountains in the north, passing through Bressanone, Cortina d’Ampezz, all the way down to Venezia ...

miss T turns 1! - lifestyle session || vancouver photographer

this last week i shot my final portrait session in vancouver before we move. what’s more is, i have shot these particular clients two times before: maternity, newborn and this week, 1st year photos.

i cannot tell you the mix of emotions i felt when i was there…here i have ...

SNEAK PEEK deux!! ang & brock - saskatoon wedding || destination wedding photographer

i wanted to put a few more photos of the lovely angelica & brock… because they are some fine looking folk and i just love them so.. xoxo

20100905_brockang-0001.jpg 20100905_brockang-0002.jpg 20100905_brockang-0005.jpg 20100905_brockang-0007.jpg 20100905_brockang-0009.jpg 20100905_brockang-0010.jpg 20100905_brockang-0011.jpg 20100905_brockang-0012.jpg 20100905_brockang-0014.jpg 20100905_brockang-0017.jpg 20100905_brockang-0018.jpg 20100905_brockang-0020.jpg 20100905_brockang-0021.jpg 20100905_brockang-0022.jpg 20100905_brockang-0023.jpg

spoleto is coming soon..very, very soon! - travel || destination photographer

my son and i are going through my old stamp collection. it’s old. as in REALLY old. i got it when i was his age from an OLD man, and i mean REALLY old, who was our neighbour. there are so really OLD stamps in there. [anyone picking up the ...

5 years of sept 20 - the vault series || vancouver photographer

i decided to round up photos from sept 20 (ish) from 2005-2009. something a little different..most of them are of my great kiddies.. :)


t&t sept05 331.jpg t&t sept05 330.jpg

and this one of muffin colouring..the little artist… misc 029.jpg

IMG_9312.jpg IMG_9293.jpg

2007: IMG_8071.jpg IMG_1398 (18).jpg


i lost almost all the photos from sept of this year…so ...

ah, lovely you are - travel || vancouver destination photographer

3 years ago was my first visit to the magical city of montreal. it was november..i remember clearly that it was cold. brisk. but clear and lovely. ah yes.. very, very lovely. we, my friend darlene and i, walked everywhere. we had driven from ottawa where we were attending ...

colours of the world STUDIO 25% off sale! || vancouver photographer

my rosie started her own business at the beginning of the summer…! she is super creative and LOVES art. she had 10 AMAZING pieces from last school year that she used to make her products: notecards, prints, miniprints & buttons.

they are FREAKING adorable! she has an etsy shop too ...

some things you just can't make make it sunny || vancouver photographer

it’s true. we live in vanoucouver, the city of, mostly, rain. don’t get me wrong..i love it here. i just REALLY treasure the sunny days. but you can never bank on the sunny days. the sunny days..yes..its like they have a mind of their own. crazy really ...! || vancouver destination photographer

i love is just what i do. if i’m not shooting with my camera i’m shooting with my iphone..i have THOUSANDS of iphone shots in a year and half..CRAZY!

in the spring whilst shooting for the grace ormonde shoot with reine, my other partner in crime, melissa ...

part 3 of shooting pretty tables for grace ormonde w/reine mihtla || vancouver wedding photographer

in my last grace ormonde meets reine mihtla post i showcased one of the amazing tables designed for grace ormonde back in april. reine mihtla invited myself and melissa gidney to shoot digital details of the tables alongside her. what a priviledge and a complete blast it was!

today’s table ...

friends are a really good thing - personal || vancouver photographer

the last week our dear friend dar (married to scott..they just moved from burnaby to waterloo, ON) has been with’s been so great. i have taken photos of our going-on’s…they are not off my camera yet.. :)

but dar is awesome..we went to seattle this week ...

la serenissima: vancouver's love affair with venice || destination photographer

yes..i have a membership to the italian cultural centre here in vancouver. why? well, not only do i get the benefits of 10% off at the restaurant, discounts for language classes, but i get to be in the know of all things italy, in and out of our city.

so ...

bittersweet memories - personal || destination photographer

this morning i decided to go thru the 2 boxes in my i KNEW what was in them, organize them and pack them up so they would be ready, eventually, for their long trek across the pacific in a few short months.

what i didn’t expect was the well ...

a few postcards from venice, murano & burano - the vault series || destination & travel photographer

today it is 50 days til i board the airplane for italy. i can barely stand it. :)

a few photos from my last trip venice..also on the small islands of murano & burano.

this trip coming up we are focusing a week in tuscany & umbria ...

SNEAK PEEK!! ang & brock - saskatoon wedding || destination wedding photographer

what a fun weekend!! and boy was it so hard to pick a FEW to showcase until the big post..

so here’s what i got for you..for now.. :) more to come in coming days!

much love to you, ang & brock!! xoxo20100905ba-6133.jpg 20100905ba-6301.jpg 20100905ba-5076.jpg 20100905ba-6530.jpg 20100905ba-5166.jpg 20100905ba-6593.jpg 20100905ba-5121.jpg

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northern italy - the vault series || destination photographer

with my italy trip on the horizon, i have been thinking lots about my last trip to italy! i simply can’t wait!!!

when we drove from bavaria in germany to venice, we passed through cortina, in northern italy…so very beautiful..




more italy memories in the coming days.. :)

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saskatoon is the place to be this weekend || vancouver destination photographer

here i am in the metropolis of saskatoon, saskatchewan, canada. to shoot the lovely angelica & brock’s wedding tomoro!

after my excessive time at the vancouver airport due to a 1.15 hr delayed flight, i hit saskatoon with jenn, ang’s twin sister, and we headed to the bachelorette dinner at ...

part 2 of shooting pretty tables for grace ormonde w/reine mihtla || vancouver wedding photographer

in one of my previous posts i showcased one of the amazing tables designed for grace ormonde back in april. reine mihtla invited myself and melissa gidney to shoot digital details of the tables alongside her. what a priviledge and a complete blast it was!

today’s table design is by the ...

our personal blog journey - personal || vancouver destination photographer

in case some of you didn’t know.. we have a family blog that pretty much will get you up to speed about our journey to moving to the philippines.

check it out sometime: :)