saskatoon is the place to be this weekend || vancouver destination photographer

here i am in the metropolis of saskatoon, saskatchewan, canada. to shoot the lovely angelica & brock’s wedding tomoro!

after my excessive time at the vancouver airport due to a 1.15 hr delayed flight, i hit saskatoon with jenn, ang’s twin sister, and we headed to the bachelorette dinner at BOFFIN’S CLUB at INNOVATION PLACE. lovely! i had a wonderful chicken caesar salad - thought that would be safest for my still sensitive belly - which also had prociutto added to it. yummy! but my tummy was NOT impressed with it. :(

after a lovely 8 hour sleep i have been lounging about while the girls do cupcakes for tomoro..i’m about to meet a dear friend for brunch then i will go about my way and scout some fabulous locations tomoro.. i even heard its a fireworks weekend - who knows..we could avail of those maybe tomoro night during the reception.. :)

i also plan to make my way over to MIDTOWN PLAZA to look for some brown leather sandals.. wish me luck. :)

here’s a few pics to refresh your minds of my wonderful couple tomoro.. :)



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