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yes..i have a membership to the italian cultural centre here in vancouver. why? well, not only do i get the benefits of 10% off at the restaurant, discounts for language classes, but i get to be in the know of all things italy, in and out of our city.

so when i received an email about an upcoming venice exhibit and if anyone in vancouver had any treasures of venice to share, i immediately thought of my large 24 x 36 framed canvas print.

IMG_0508 copy.jpg

it was really cool to see it with all the other venice lovers treasures at il museo..



two of my dear friends, darlene & lani, accompanied me to the exhibit..and then we went next door to la piazza dario restaurant..and had a lovely bunch of drinks, appetizers and pasta AND dessert among us for a little celebrating.. :)







 i tried to do a self pic of us three…but i wasn’t very good..i tried 4x actually…


and then someone came out and i asked if they would graciously  take it for us.. :)


i loved how SLOW everything was at the restaurant..i love that about italians..its about enjoying and experiencing… once i remembered that, the night was absolutely refreshing.

only 46 days til i am off to italy.. can HARDLY wait. :)

the exhibit - La Serenissima: Vancouver’s Love Affair with Venice - is open to view until dec 4. they also have a few really interesting events going on at the centre during the next couple months..check out the schedule and take in some wonderful italian culture this fall - schedule.

buonanotte! :)

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