some things you just can't make make it sunny || vancouver photographer

it’s true. we live in vanoucouver, the city of, mostly, rain. don’t get me wrong..i love it here. i just REALLY treasure the sunny days. but you can never bank on the sunny days. the sunny days..yes..its like they have a mind of their own. crazy really. i don’t expect them, hardly ever, to be honest..but boy are they sure great when they “pop” up.

here in vancouver i hear ALL the time over the twitter waves and other social media mediums how people get “published” in wedding magazines. not gonna lie: this has never been one of my “goals” in life. i mean, sure, it happened inadvertantly to me my first year of shooting in vancouver - one of my second shooter photos i shot for a certain photog was chosen for the BIG photo in a wedluxe issue. flook, no?

but this isn’t something i mull over.. getting published. i’m so very busy - i have 2 children. that in itself should tell you enough as to how busy life is..albeit it would be really cool to see “me” somewhere. but again..not a priority in my current life.

when tracy from grace ormonde’s wedding style magazine called and asked if it was ok for a few of my photos from the grace ormonde book party last april to be featured in the next issue, i must admit..i was a little shocked.

ok, ok, wasn’t a lavish it was lavish people instead. :) photos of grace herself..the amazing philip and jenny from the vancouver club…the most talented hilary miles and simon cooksley and of course, super designers soha lavin and sandy godfrey. lavish people. real people. incredibly gifted and talented people. yes..of course they could use them!

sometimes things you don’t ever expect fall into your lap..and sometimes that is a really great thing. :)








Carly Koop
Congratulations Tracey! All your hard unintentional work paid off! I do admire your work and would love to ask you a few questions when you've got a chance, mainly about second shooting. Have a great weekend and I hope the clouds open up for some sunshine for today's wedding!
thanks carly! shoot me an email sometime.. :)

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