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my rosie started her own business at the beginning of the summer…! she is super creative and LOVES art. she had 10 AMAZING pieces from last school year that she used to make her products: notecards, prints, miniprints & buttons.

they are FREAKING adorable! she has an etsy shop too! check it out!

one of the cool things about rosie’s business is that she is giving back HALF of her profits. she decided that GENTLE HANDS, the nonprofit humanitarian organization her aunt runs in manila, philippines was going to be the recipient. such a sweet girl. *swoon*

at the end of august she had a table at BLIM MARKET in chinatown..what a great experience it was for her! she still has stock left over..and we would LOVE to be able to sell it before we leave so we dont have to pack it! when you quote this discount code - ROSIELOVESGH- you get 25% our current stock!

here’s a few picks from her table at BLIM

20100829_blim-5489.jpg 20100829_blim-5494.jpg 20100829_blim-5493.jpg 20100829_blim-5496.jpg 20100829_blim-5495.jpg 20100829_blim-5497.jpg 20100829_blim-5499.jpg 20100829_blim-5490.jpg 20100829_blim-5492.jpg 20100829_blim-5491.jpg 20100829_blim-5501.jpg

the prices are listed below:

buttons - $3 each, $5 for 3, $10 for all 7 designs. 25% off = $2.25 each, $3.75 for 3, $7.50 for all 7 designs

notecards - $3.50 each or $18 for all 6 designs. 25% off = $2.60 or $13.5 for all 6 designs

mini prints - $3 each or $25 for all 10 designs. 25% off = $2.25 each or $18.75 for all 10 designs

prints (actual size prints) $65 each. 25% off = $48.75

contact me for buying. and for a minimal fee we will ship. :)

thanks for supporting rosie’s business and for supporting the work of GENTLE HANDS in the philippines!

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