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3 years ago was my first visit to the magical city of montreal. it was november..i remember clearly that it was cold. brisk. but clear and lovely. ah yes.. very, very lovely. we, my friend darlene and i, walked everywhere. we had driven from ottawa where we were attending a conference and had a day to ourselves. “montreal is not far from us…let’s do it!”. so we headed out early in the morning and boy..was i so glad we did.

montreal is canada’s “europe” of sorts..cobblestone streets..brick buildings older than any i’d see in vancouver. it was all i could imagine europe to be - between western civilization classes in high school and everything i had seen about europe - since i had yet to have gone to europe.

she’s a magical city she is… she’s our city… thanks to ms jamie, who i shot with yesterday, for inspiring this post - she’s on her way to montreal as i type this.. :)

nov2007_montreal-0956.jpg nov2007_montreal-0945.jpg nov2007_montreal-0961.jpg nov2007_montreal-0937.jpg nov2007_montreal-0970.jpg nov2007_montreal-0975.jpg nov2007_montreal-1014.jpg nov2007_montreal-1021.jpg nov2007_montreal-1035.jpg nov2007_montreal-1047.jpg nov2007_montreal-1029.jpg nov2007_montreal-1053.jpg nov2007_montreal-1070.jpg nov2007_montreal-1090.jpg nov2007_montreal-1105.jpg nov2007_montreal-1131.jpg nov2007_montreal-1137.jpg nov2007_montreal-1160.jpg nov2007_montreal-1169.jpg nov2007_montreal-1171.jpg nov2007_montreal-1185.jpg nov2007_montreal-1188.jpg


Michelle Cervo
I LOVE Montreal, every single time I go there I wished I had a shoot set up. I would live there in a drop of a hat!
Corporate Portraits
I really like your work- love the shot with the flags- great colours- if you dont do it professionally already I would move into architecture work- Grant
michelle - yes..montreal is gorgeous! grant - have thought about that frequently..more as i get "older" and feel like full time wedding photog days are coming to an end.. i suppose the question after that would be, how? :) thanks for your kind words :)
Cathy Empey
This city is on my life list! Looks so beautiful, and I have never been to Europe either, so this would totally work for me ;D Beautiful images Tracey!

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