5 years of sept 20 - the vault series || vancouver photographer

i decided to round up photos from sept 20 (ish) from 2005-2009. something a little different..most of them are of my great kiddies.. :)


t&t sept05 331.jpg t&t sept05 330.jpg

and this one of muffin colouring..the little artist… misc 029.jpg

IMG_9312.jpg IMG_9293.jpg

2007: IMG_8071.jpg IMG_1398 (18).jpg


i lost almost all the photos from sept of this year…so here is my friend erin & i, in munich, germany.


and then last  year… 2009…this is THE best collage..that totally describes the two of them.. :)


a little time travel for you.. now i shall enjoy a cuppa tea.. :) xoxo

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