miss T turns 1! - lifestyle session || vancouver photographer

this last week i shot my final portrait session in vancouver before we move. what’s more is, i have shot these particular clients two times before: maternity, newborn and this week, 1st year photos.

i cannot tell you the mix of emotions i felt when i was there…here i have seen this little cutey patooty since she was on the inside! and her parents are so incredible. they are, to me, an example of amazing clients. i have been so incredibly blessed with amazing clients… i get to photograph so many of their milestones..what an honour and priviledge.

miss T was like any one year old - full of life and on the go! we were outside, then inside, then upstairs, then downstairs. we threw the ball, we read stories, we did puzzles, we coloured..and at the end we even had a big yummy cupcake to celebrate!

R&G…thank you for letting me be a part of your lives the last couple years…it’s been such a pleasure…and we WILL keep in touch..thank GOD for facebook! :) xoxo 20100921_tay1-0001 copy.jpg 20100921_tay1-0004 copy.jpg 20100921_tay1-0006 copy.jpg 20100921_tay1-0003 copy.jpg 20100921_tay1-0007 copy.jpg 20100921_tay1-0002 copy.jpg 20100921_tay1-0005 copy.jpg 20100921_tay1-0008 copy.jpg 20100921_tay1-0009 copy.jpg 20100921_tay1-0010 copy.jpg 20100921_tay1-0011 copy.jpg 20100921_tay1-0012 copy.jpg 20100921_tay1-0013 copy.jpg 20100921_tay1-0014 copy.jpg 20100921_tay1-0015 copy.jpg 20100921_tay1-0016 copy.jpg

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