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i cannot begin to tell you how excited i am for this tour! i have had a love affair with Italy for the last 3 years really. 2 years ago was my first trip.. throught the mountains in the north, passing through Bressanone, Cortina d’Ampezz, all the way down to Venezia.

this trip is taking us to a totally different region of Italy: Umbria & Tuscany. our 7 days will be going throught the cities of Orvieto, Narni,Spoleto, Assisi, Spello, Cortona, Monteriggioni, Siena, San indeed will be magical.

i look forward to the italian way of life..the relaxed, slow, taking in everything around you mentality. we westerners are always so RUSH RUSH RUSH! it will be good to make time stand still (or a little more slow than usual!) for some days.

here are a few photos of some of the places max & his lovely cristiana will be taking us on our tour… 45271_1586472458886_1148027211_3367145_2124994_n.jpg 47086_1586472298882_1148027211_3367144_3778000_n.jpg 30698_1463718710119_1148027211_3036716_8188177_n.jpg 31498_1456281804201_1148027211_3019084_3019264_n.jpg 31498_1456281604196_1148027211_3019083_7617135_n.jpg 26236_1431350740940_1148027211_2959312_3157373_n.jpg 15464_1297148105958_1148027211_2597565_7642512_n.jpg 15464_1293219167737_1148027211_2586936_3887212_n.jpg 15464_1289838163214_1148027211_2577712_6017140_n.jpg 9517_1248611172565_1148027211_2453606_1924019_n.jpg 9517_1230562921370_1148027211_2393147_4111834_n.jpg 5648_1220528270510_1148027211_2357528_8186585_n.jpg large_gente+di+cortona.jpg large_villa+amelia+3.jpg large_PANO2.jpg

excited yet?? :) and it’s not too late to come, if you haven’t signed up! contact me for more details.


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