why not get married at a castle? || destination wedding photographer

lots of us girls dream about our wedding day. what we will wear, what it will all look like, where we will get married.

one wedding i shot in germany was near this ADORABLE town of garmisch partenkirschen. the little town itself was a dream…walking everywhere..cafes and shops along the way..mountains in the background..the colourful old buildings..truly a beautiful and warm little town.

the bride had her rings engraved here.. and also her bouquet made the day before. and a shawl was purchased, just in case it was a little chilly on the morning of her special day. we were told sometimes it can be chilly when the fog sits atop of the mountain. :)

IMG_0902 copy.jpg

IMG_0976 copy.jpg

IMG_0935 copy.jpg

IMG_0917 copy.jpg

and just 5 minutes away…a dreamy castle where the princess marries her prince. neuschwanstein castle. the castle that disney’s castle is modeled after.

and of course, there is a bridge, marions bridge, overlooking the spectacular view.. **happy sigh** :)

it was the perfect place to say “i do”…IMG_1065 copy.jpg IMG_1084 copy.jpg

 the castle had a little hotel right at the base of it.. so our bride was able to get ready right at the castle venue. and the details around the castle were unique, to say it mildly.. :)

image17 copy.jpg image11 copy.jpg image13 copy.jpg image98 copy.jpg

across the bridge up to a small cliff is where the first half of the ceremony was held..overlooking the castle. it was a little foggy, but it made it all the more magical..

image209 copy.jpg

image196 copy.jpg

image164 copy.jpg

image170 copy.jpg

image209 copy.jpg

back across marion’s bridge we went for the second half of the ceremony to the castle courtyard we went..

image239 copy.jpg

image289 copy.jpg

image326 copy.jpg

the nooks and places to take bridal portraits afterwards were endless..

image362 copy.jpg

image381 copy.jpg

image400 copy.jpg

image405 copy.jpg

image395 copy.jpg

yes…getting married at a castle can come true and the logistics of it are really doable.

kerri & russ did.. happy anniversary you two! :)image145 copy.jpg

IMG_1080 copy.jpg

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