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what i see from up here - personal || destination photographer

i always wanted to live DOWNTOWN. in a big city. i never thought it would be now, in 2011. we have kids. no yard. a dog. and now two kittens. it’s two bedrooms. about 1200 sq ft in living space. on the 6th floor.

yes. the 6th floor ...

destination: INTRAMUROS - manila || destination wedding photographer

scouting for bridal portraits is one of the perks to being a weddig photographer. finding the PERFECT spots for the bridal portraits…envisioning the gorgeous couple in nooks and crannies…yes…scouting gets your creativity pumping!

and when it’s a destination wedding, you know you have no room for second guessing. finding the places ...

cupcakes, chai, cuillere & i - personal || destination photographer

if anyone knows me at all, they know that i dont like celebrating my birthday. i’m not entirely sure why. but i honestly DREAD the DAY. again, not sure why. one day i may explore that whole phenomena.. :)

so what does a girl do who doens’t like birthdays? wakes ...

happy anniversary to our {one true wish} couple! - vancouver wedding photographer

has it been a year already?? well…then HAPPY ANNIVERSARY IS IN ORDER!!!

congrats on your first year! many more roads ahead for you two, the passionately in love with life and each other!

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friends remind you of stuff - destination photographer

ya…my intentions? totally there.. the whole, remember to do this every month, not as much.. :)

so thank goodness for my friend scotty, in waterloo to GENTLY remind me of this month’s wallpaper…in fact, cuz i feel so bad that it’s the middle of the month already, i have two ...

fashion for men could heat up with these bad boys...|| personal

when this email landed in my inbox, i knew i had to share the wealth of it. 

unfortunately i do not know where it originated from, so i can not give due credit with credit is due.

without further chatter…may i at its finest.

i wonder if it’ll make a ...

gentle hands - a humanitarian work in manila, philippines

january 1st of this year, my family and i set off on a new adventure. we try to live life in general as an adventure, so this would be no different..just in a very different location than what we were used to.

metro manila philippines - the place we are ...