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if anyone knows me at all, they know that i dont like celebrating my birthday. i’m not entirely sure why. but i honestly DREAD the DAY. again, not sure why. one day i may explore that whole phenomena.. :)

so what does a girl do who doens’t like birthdays? wakes up to cute little kittens MEWING…sends the chillies off to school… and then convinces her hubs that he REALLY doesn’t need to go to his office today..that he can work harder for the rest of the week. just DON’T leave me alone! hehe..

it didn’t take him long to be convinced..and after 2 episodes of our favorite doctor, HOUSE, updating my FB status - For my birthday 2day I wud like2 celebrate like this: (in any order) chai, Mexican food, cupcakes. That’s all. I don’t ask for much. :) we got ourselves together and i headed to starbucks for a chai before my beloved CHIRO appointment.

not gonna lie - i’m not a big starbucks fan. but..when you have ab out 10 within walking distance of your residence (we live in the business district - makati) and they make my chai tea EXACTLY how i like it - chai tea latter, with soy, no water - who can complain, right? :)



my chiro appointment was glorious - i’m up to 80% in my mobility in my neck and back. this is amazing from the 20% just 3 weeks ago. i’m so happy…having chronic pain for almost a year, i’m thrilled to have more painLESS days than not!

from there we went to SERENDRA - across from Bonifacio High Street, the “global city” of metro manila. it’s really cool in this area - it really doesn’t feel like you are in manila - it feels, and looks, like any other modern city.

keep in mind it is PICKIN’ hot here…summertime is here in the philippines. and today was as summer as it comes - 37*C at noon. DUDE. it was hot. getting out of the heat as soon as possible was in order.

[being i am trying not to carry things on my shoulders much, for the sake of the therapy on my neck and back, i have resorted to going hard with my iphone 4 as a camera..i’m pretty satisfied with my “shots” for a point and shoot. and thankful it’s so light!]

we found where we were going to eat - CUILLERE.



it was really cute on the we went in…

and the inside was just as lovely..




by the LOOK of it, we were excited to eat here…

one of the many lovely things about having a trained chef for a husband, you a) get great food at home and b) dont have to order when you go out, cuz he knows what to order. he, too, was excited about our culinary experience to begin. :)

i wont go on and on about the LITTLE THINGS that made us go, ‘oh that’s too bad this is like this’..ok, maybe i will. :) after the photos.. :) we just really hoped that this quaint little place would “redeem” itself with the food…











the wonderful things:

the decor was wonderful.. i loved the details ~ the ULTRA cool cutlery ~ our beverages were yummy ~ the toppings for the bruschetta was delish ~ the balsamic reduction used on my salad was AMAZING ~ the hostess man was very kind ~ the placemats

the little things, that really are the big things:

slow to take our order ~ our waitress didn’t know details of the menu ~ a plate was chipped ~ a light in the chandelier was burned out ~ they used regular grocery sliced bread for the bruschetta ~ there was too much bruschetta dressings on the bread ~ used the wrong kind of lettuce for my salad, it was wilty ~ put mismatched salt and pepper on our table when our food was served (hubs has it nailed into me, that if food is done RIGHT it does not need anymore seasoning, and that in fine dining, if you ask for S&P, it’s an insult to the chef!) ~ my carbonara bacon was mostly soft fat

i hate that it looks like a complain list..but i’d be lying if i said this place is somewhere you have GOT to visit. so i am using my blog as a sort of review to whomever reads it. :) unfortunately we weren’t super impressed..wanted to be, but sadly, were not.

should have went to that italian restaurant across the piazza. :)

but for DESSERT we went to CUPCAKES by sonja, a place where a few friends on facebook, this morning, told me to go to. (thanks nancy, mom and kim!)


here i was NOT disappointed. :)

the shop is ADORABLE! the cupcakes delightful! this was a WIN!


 hello??? a cupcake bouquet? i think so!! :)








i HEART twinkies. as in. :)

the ROYAL WEDDING is a big thing all over the globe - even here! :)



so of course you know which one i got?


cuz i did.  *SWOON*

it was a lovely birthday, as far as birthdays go. :)

and it’s not even over yet. ;)


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