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scouting for bridal portraits is one of the perks to being a weddig photographer. finding the PERFECT spots for the bridal portraits…envisioning the gorgeous couple in nooks and crannies…yes…scouting gets your creativity pumping!

and when it’s a destination wedding, you know you have no room for second guessing. finding the places to shoot brings assurance to your couple that you have got it covered.

so when it was one of the ONLY quiet days in manila because of holy week, i knew this was my window of opportunity. off to intramuros i went to scout for my june wedding here of Kym & Winmark from Vancouver. if you haven’t checked out their super fun lifestyle session you need to - KIM & WINMARK. and one more plug - Kym has the funnest company she founded a few years ago - HERROHACHI - making fun, fashionable. go there…after you finish this blog post. :)

here are some of the snaps i shot in intramuros…LOVE. and will LOVE more with the lovely KYM & WINMARK inserted! :)

xotracey 20110421_intramuros-1134.jpg 20110421_intramuros-1136.jpg 20110421_intramuros-1142.jpg 20110421_intramuros-1148.jpg 20110421_intramuros-1149.jpg 20110421_intramuros-1151.jpg 20110421_intramuros-1153.jpg 20110421_intramuros-1159.jpg 20110421_intramuros-1160.jpg 20110421_intramuros-1161.jpg 20110421_intramuros-1162.jpg 20110421_intramuros-1169.jpg 20110421_intramuros-1171.jpg

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