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let me tell you…some mondays are not bad..and some…are worse.

today COULD have been a doozer. it started that way.

i had an 8am appointment at the kids’ school with the superintendant re getting involved with the PAC. get there, it went like this: stepped out of my house at 7:15am. walk down my street…hop on a tricyle (motorcycle with side car for passengers) to the main road outside our village. walk to the mall around the corner. wait for a jeepney or FX (co-op taxi). hop in FX. get dropped off outside the village where the kids school is located. walk across the overpass to the other side. hop on another trike (tricycle) but only to the inner gate as they are not permitted to go any further. walk, with my heavy back pack UP penny lane which is a road with a serious incline as faith is on a hill, for a bout a mile. totally broke into a MAJOR sweat. get to faith gate. hike up a million stairs that made my legs feel like jelly. it took almost 45 minutes to go from home to school via public transportation/my legs…which is about 4km. have my meeting which took all of 20 minutes.

i then had my gracious brotherinlaw, who teaches at faith, to drive me out to the other gate to then catch a jeepney or FX to Gentle Hands. it sounded easy enough to me. hmm… not so much. waited for 15 mins. finally got in a trike. then got down and walked a bit, then hopped into a jeep, got down again at the intersection (marcos hiway) where i needed to take another jeep. hopped into jeep. headed down the hiway towards GH. then it turned off the hiway so i got  off it quickly and walked back to hiway to find a jeep. found one and it took me to the corner near GH. got to GH at 10:16.

i was pretty sweaty. but glad i got there.. and to find out one of the little ones was meeting her forever mommy & daddy! they got there 15 mins after i had got there. great timing!

i then spent the morning photographing the beautiful first moments and playtimes with her and her new forever family. it makes me teary every.single.time. :)

so it started iffy…but ended awesome. :)

that’s all. that was today. tomoro will hold more at GH then i am being interviewed on W@W tomoro for a podcast! W@W is Weddings at Work, an AWESOME bridal hub here in the philippines. i wont tell you much about it now, cuz i’m gonna do a whole blog post on them. :) oh and jonathan heads to japan for  few days to do some fund developement for GH. so tomoro shall be quite eventful :)

so that is about it. my monday. i hope yours was fantastic. :)


here’s a few photos as i was walking UP the hill this AM to faith academy :) taken with my trusy iphone :)

the dreaded PENNY LANE - all steep UPHILL.

Upload from August 22, 2011

chickens and roosters to talk to along the way.

Upload from August 22, 2011

some random rainforests

Upload from August 22, 2011

one of the entrances to the middle school at faith

Upload from August 22, 2011

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