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so i failed at not posting yesterday…MONDAY! oopsy!!

and then today, tuesday it’s already evening. oh my.

it’s been a crazy week, let me tell you…in a nutshell, play-by-play:

jonathan went on a fund-development trip to japan for gentle hands - a team from japan was at gentle hands volunteering last week, so i was there for good hunk - did a podcast with W@W chat - attended and photographed tattoo artist ryan saltiga at dutdutan expo - had a going away party for the japan team - i started yoga class at the kids’ school (good thing it’s only once a week cuz i was sore!) - had a wedding with pilar on saturday - went shopping with my daughter - jonathan came home last night - first thing this am we were at the kids’ school for the parents “back to school” day.’s been long. but we made it thru, jonathan came home safely. all is well. :)

today is the day before the last day of august. that has many things attached to it:

2/3 of the year is done - we have been here 8 months - the kids have been in school almost a month - rainy season will hopefully end soon - only 4 months til christmas - the 6 semi-finalists for the KLM-DPP travel contest will be chosen (i entered!) - SMUG is launching next months in manila!! - next month the christmas decorations come out here in the philippines (yay!!!) - and it’s the last day to register for my FOLLOW YOUR HEART to ITALY tour.

it’s definitely been a different year on all fronts. so much change…so many things not going quite as planned…cool things transpiring…amazing people met…plans totally changed. ya that has been 2011 thus far. it’s been good. very good. i can only imagine what the final months will hold for 2011. :)

i am totally behind on my emailing and photo processing due to my horrific “sore eyes” strain i had for over 3 weeks. it sucks to not be able to see, i tell you. especially when most of what you/we do is based upon sight. that was a crazy time. so i am trying desperately to catch up on almost 4 weeks of lost time in front of walter or luigi (my macbook pro, or iMac) :)

i’m uncertain how many people actually read my blog - i know, i should have some sort of counter or analytics to tell me..however, that is WAAAAY over my head. but if you do read it, thanks. :) i try to blog 5 days a week - it was a goal i’ve had for many years: to blog regularly. and it’s been OVER a month, and i’ve really enjoyed it. i hope the next month will be just as awesome!

until tomoro - “mabuhay!” as they say here in the philippines. :)


it’s not too late to sign-up for this fall’s italy tour…but after tomorrow it will be. :(

so waste no time! sign up today!

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