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i am writing this the night before thursday - i probably wont get to my computer tomoro am as i’m heading off bright and early for Gentle Hands, where i volunteer several days a week.

if you follow me on facebook, twitter or instagram at ALL, you will see my shameless plugs clogging your feeds regarding my FOLLOW YOUR HEART phototours. :) sorry, ha! :)

since my first visit to italy in 2008, my heart opened up to ITALY with great love. the culture, the people, the way of life was exactly what i needed.

and through many series of events, i met max & cristiana, our italy tour hosts. i was so excited for the first tour in oct 2010 that we started planning dec 2009!

it was an awesome trip…we did the UMBRIA & TUSCANY regions. absolutely wonderful! my phototour site has photos and reviews from the participants. check it!

this year we moved. to another country. across the globe. along with everything that comes with a new move, a new culture, a new school for the kids, etc, was the challenge of reestablishing myself here in the philippines. i’m far from where i’d like to be, but well on my way, let’s just say. :) and keeping up with the photog friends in the USA/Canada on top of that.

i have worked hard to promote this trip…with all the factors in play. and today, the last day to register, my heart is heavy. it appears, unless a miracle occurs, that the trip will be postponed until next  year, for lack of sign-ups. i can blame the economy. or the move across the globe. or having to start all over again here. or a million other things.

regardless, my heart is definitely sad (remember - this is talking from the heart THURSDAY, so you are getting the REAL me!)  :) sad because i wont be able to visit the country i hold dear, visit my italian family, rejuvenate and get inspired for the coming year, and network and lead photographers thru the italian riviera with camera in tow.

i have to choose to believe that there are reasons for everything. and that there is a reason this isn’t pushing through. god knows. and i gotta trust that.

anyhow, this fall’s tour destination was all about LIGURIA..the italian riviera. it would have been amazing.

wait. let me restate that - it WILL be amazing..if not this year…then next. ;)

 thanks for listening. xotracey

Upload from August 31, 2011

photos by the awesoma max brunelli


Oh Tracey, I know that you know it's all working out anyway but I just wanted to send you lots of virtual hugs. I know how hard it is to invest your heart into something and have it fall through! I have no doubt the trip to Italy is coming at an even more perfect time! xx
dearest georgia... thank you for your kind words of love & encouragement..i know that timing is *everything* and believing god knows the deets... understanding isn't always easy! :) xoxo

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