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party, fiesta, forever...ALL DAY LONG! || manila destination photographer

yes i totally almost quoted lionel ritchie right there in my blog post title. hehe..

wednesday - FULL of PARTY! not only did we have our GH christmas party but some of my friends Madie (from Lonely Planet who went to Turkey with me), Pilar (my dear photog friend), her sister ...

places i will spend christmastime || manila destination wedding photographer

i have been extremely blessed and fortunate to travel a LOT in my life. and i have been to some fairly AMAZING places. 

and i know that there are some places that i want to go BACK to one day and spend christmas there - and places i HAVEN’T ...

6 days til christmas || manila destination wedding photographer

it’s monday.. and i am dedicating this week to CHRISTMAS blog posts.

yes i totally skipped out on last week. not a single post. what a bad blogger. but considering that in july i started my new blogging routine and have blogged more since then than any other time in ...

#FF - Jo-Ann Tuazon of SWEET CREATIONS by MUMS || manila destination photographer

when i moved here to manila, one of my fellow photogs from vancouver, gracci pelaez (who will be gracing this #FF soon!!) introduced me to jo-ann. when i saw her work, i was like, “WOW!! this is AMAZING!”
and i wanted to feature a fabulous filipino person ...

why do lots of filipinos go to WINTERPEG?? || destination photographer

that’s what we canadians call WINNIPEG, a city in the middle of canada that is MIGHTY cold in the winter.

and SOOOOOO many filipinos immigrate to THERE of all places.. we’re talking -30 degrees celcius and COLDER.


but this post is not about THAT. it’s a travel thru ...

travel tuesday post || destination wedding photographer

usually i’d have a FANTASTIC post about some FANTASTIC place where i went and took some FANTASTIC photos.

unfortunately, our internet is down at our house… BOOO!! ….so the post i had the photos for couldn’t get uploaded.

so you get this instead:


 this kinda says what the last two days ...

christmas in my mind usually means SNOW || destination wedding photographer

when i think of christmass, usually it has the major element of SNOW.

i mean really…i am a canadian. i lived in the prairies for 5 years. SNOW is what happens in december. and sometimes in other part of canada in december too.

but this canadian girl ain’t gonna see any ...

#FF - rob & lauren || manila destination wedding photographer

the first time i met rob & lauren was at a get together at our mutual friends, miranda & reilly of blue olive. loved them!
and then when i found out that i could use their new joint project known as FOTOJOURNAL for my blog, i was stoked! :)

friends are a good thing || destination wedding photographer

funny how christmas makes you more….gushy, smushy, no?

december 1. here i sit in the tropics - manila to be exact - and it so doens’t feel like december 1st.

back in vancouver it’s about 5*C…here it’s 30*C+… there i’d be wearing scarfs and warm fuzzy socks and ...