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funny how christmas makes you more….gushy, smushy, no?

december 1. here i sit in the tropics - manila to be exact - and it so doens’t feel like december 1st.

back in vancouver it’s about 5*C…here it’s 30*C+… there i’d be wearing scarfs and warm fuzzy socks and long sleeves…here i’m wearing summer clothes. there i’d had attended the infamous end of season bash at Blue Olive, and tonight’s BC Wedding Industry Awards with all my photog friends….here… um, er, well…

it’s been almost a year since we left my beloved vancouver for our new life overseas as missionaries here in the philippines. i’m so very fortunate that the adjustment has been minimal, really…i knew what we/i was coming back to…i dug my nose to the ground and found a bit more about the photo industry here and work with the amazing pilar and co-started a SMUG group here with another photographer. i’ve photographed more adorable sweet orphaned children than i imagined i would.

yes it’s been an awesome year really.

and i have so much to be grateful for.

but i’m not going to lie…the friend thing hasn’t been where i thought it would be.

i tread lightly here: working with family and having other family far away when you have no wheels, doesn’t mean you will automatically be friends and hang out and stuff. that’s kind of a bummer, honestly. and some friends i have made, well…it seems everyone, even here in the philippines, is so busy busy working and doing stuff that they dont much have a social life.

when we moved to vancouver, we intentionally chose to engage. and it was awesome. i feel, in some ways, even here, it’s like doing that ALL. OVER. AGAIN.Upload from December 01, 2011some of my far-away friends i think of often…

i have had a sweet oasis of a friend i knew when we lived here before, who also has moved back to manila. even though we have physically only seen each other once, the regular texting and chatting really is good for my soul and i appreciate her so much. thank you, N. xo

perhaps i have too high expectations. i probably do. i have been accused of that before. :) however…it’s how i feel and where i am at, and my blog, AND talking-from-the-heart-thursday, so there. :) hehehe.. but really…i am a persuer of relationship. and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. :)

so to my friends who are thousands of miles away - i miss you! i wish i were celebrating with you. i love you!

to my new friends i’m continuing to meet here and build relationships with - i’m thankful our paths have crossed and will not give up on us. :)

and to my constant friends, near and far - you are what make my heart so very happy. thank you is not enough.

oh to be a friend..i need to continue to be a better one..

until tomoro.. :)



teary eyed as i read your post. miss you terribly. :( we are so near yet so far. truly life has taken us away from each other and no matter how i want to visit you as often as i want, i can not do anymore since i have to consider everyone else's schedule before i can come visit you.. sigh. i hope you know that you still have that special place in my heart and that i always think of you friend. love you always.
sandy hunter
I love the way you talk your heart honey,you are soooooooooooo loved and missed,lov mama

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