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the first time i met rob & lauren was at a get together at our mutual friends, miranda & reilly of blue olive. loved them!
and then when i found out that i could use their new joint project known as FOTOJOURNAL for my blog, i was stoked! :)
one thing is certain about rob & lauren - they continually give back to the photography community - i LOVE that.
they have this awesome site, photography concentrate that is full of juicy awesomeness for any photographer!
and they travel. another thing i think is really rad about them, myself being a traveler as well. :) hehehe..
i’m so excited to feature rob & lauren, co-creators of FOTOJOURNAL, on my FOTOJOURNAL hosted blog. :) heheh
introducing ROB & LAUREN!
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TLH: what is the favorite part of what you do (business wise)?

rob&lauren: Our favourite part of this business is getting to meet tons of awesome and incredibly interesting people! Between weddings, portraits, and teaching we’ve met hundreds of people, and learned and been inspired so much from our interactions with them. 

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TLH: how did you get started? everyone asks, i know, but peeps wanna know! 

rob&lauren:  We got started with a backpacking trip through Europe. We brought along a little point and shoot, and a cheapo plastic tripod. That tripod forced us to slow down, and think a bit more about our photos. We absolutely fell in love with photography on that trip, and decided then and there to become photographers. We came home, bought ourselves a camera, and started learning. A year later we were full time wedding photographers, and we haven’t stopped shooting since!

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TLH: if you could live anywhere in the world for a year, money not an issue, where would it be and why?

rob&lauren: We’d live in Peru for a year. It has the big city (Lima), the Amazon jungle, and the Andes. So much variety in one country! The food, the people, and the scenery are all so amazing. Plus we really want to learn Spanish, and there’s no better way than just immersing yourself!

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TLH: favorite story/memory of past client/work/project

rob&lauren: Wow, that’s impossible to pick a favourite. We’ve had so many incredible experiences! But one that always sticks out as being particularly unique is when we did a portrait session at the Taj Mahal. We couldn’t bring in our camera bags, so we had to stuff lenses in our pockets! Everyone thought our couple must be celebrities, so they were all snapping photos. It was intense! Definitely an exhilarating shoot, and one that we won’t soon forget! (If you want to hear more about that story, or see the photos you can check it out here: http://www.theweddingtravelers.com/megha-chakshu-portrait-session/index.html)

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TLH: what is your favorite foods to eat? to make? to buy? why?

rob&lauren: Homemade pizza is our fav to eat and make! The dough is super easy to make (I make the no-knead stuff, so extra easy! Here’s the recipe I use: http://www.lottieanddoof.com/2010/01/pizza-pulp-fiction-jim-lahey/) and then the toppings can be whatever you want! Infinite variety, and so so tasty. 

TLH: where do you see yourself in your biz and life in 5 years?

rob&lauren: The only thing we know for sure in 5 years is that we’ll be shooting! Beyond that, we have no idea. We like to change things up often, so we never really know where life will take us, but it certainly will be an adventure!

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TLH: how do you want to be remembered? 

rob&lauren:Heavy question! But a good one. I think we’d like to be remembered as two folks who loved photography, and helped others to love it too!

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