it's always fun wearing the BLUE OLIVE hat || second shooting

one of the last few weddings i second shot in vancouver before we moved overseas was with BLUE OLIVE. i have had the pleasure of shooting weddings now and then with them for 3 seasons. they are IT. they ooze fun, creativity and sass! i find whenever i got to shoot with them, my creativity was always challenged and piqued. THIS is a great thing!! i miss shooting with them…but i love more that they have become some of our most dearest friends on the planet. :)

check out miranda’s write-up on their blog..but here are some of the fun photos of the day! congrats again rachel & greg!! RachelGreg-blog-dec.16.10-1.jpg RachelGreg-blog-dec.16.10-2.jpg


Jozef Povazan
I had never chance to shoot with Blue Olive but their work is very easy recognizable and top notch. Have been wedding photographer in Vancouver last 3 seasons and its a blast here even though the competition is high :). JP from
@jozef - blue olive is timeless sassy amazing photography! and yes - vancouver is super saturated... i'm in manila now..and have hung up the wedding photog hat - it's even MORE saturated here!! :) thanks for stopping by!

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