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it's the little things that matter || manila destination wedding photographer

happy monday to you!

i hope you had a fantastic weekend! our was wet! another typhoon flew past us leaving us very WET! and i hear another is on the way! rainy season in the tropics..what can ya do?? :)

i thought i’d talk about wedding details today - aside from ...

so much love xoxo || manila destination wedding photographer

Upload from July 29, 2011

after our move from the prairies to the coast, this was my first wedding commision in vancouver in 2007. still one of my favorite weddings.

and they both hold a very special place in our hearts…

happy anniversary you two…more adventure & much more love to you both.


#FF - jeanie ow || manila destination wedding photographer

jeanie ow. where do i start? we met in a lobby of a party in 2007. little did i know that one day would i not only be fortunate to second shoot for her, but she would become one of my best friends. :)

we have shot many a wedding ...

a little bit of grace is what we all need || manila destination wedding photographer

The Merriam-Webster dictionary’s definition of GRACE had many meaninigs. One of the meanings is this:

  d : disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency

Grace. it’s a word that we dont use a lot. yet it’s a word that is so powerful.
its used ...

it's wonderful wedding wednesday || manila destination wedding photographer

being that today’s blog post is a wedding post, i thought it would be fitting to feature a couple whose ACTUAL anniversary is TODAY….us! hehehe.

we got married in 1995 - hence the upholstry type vest my lover is wearing, heehee - and had dated off and on for 2 ...

la serenissima, oh, how you have my heart || manila destination wedding photographer

la serenissma. the most serene.

one of the many “names” the beloved VENEZIA is called.

venice will always have a special, personal place in my heart. one can get lost in venice, but not really be lost. the culture of venice, minus the zillions of tourists that flock there every year, is ...

i have been informed that we have done NOTHING this summer || manila destination wedding photographer

it’s monday again. how does that happen so quickly???

this is the last FULL week before the kids go back to school NEXT thursday, aug 4.

whatEVER shall we do?

someone asked rosie what she did this summer? she said nothing.

NOTHING???? are you kidding me right now?

so…i think today’s post will be a ...

#FF - tracy tesmer || manila destination wedding photographer

I first met Tracy on TWITTER. yes, you heard right…twitter. i’m not entirely sure how i “found” her..but besides having the greatest first name on the planet (hehehe) she was a film shooter and i LOVED that. she has an edge to her as well, that makes her stand ...

there are no ducks here - personal || manila destination wedding photographer

for 2 years i was in chronic neck pain. and i’m not talking a minor bothersome flinch. i’m talking full-on neck pain and my arms were turning numb and i was just a really grumpy person cuz of it. and it was totally affecting my photography in that i could ...

a very lovely affair - chinese wedding || manila destination wedding photographer

when wendy & arthur got married, it truly was an emotion-filled day.

from lots of giggles getting ready, to nervous anticipation for their first look, to the tears of sorrow & happiness during their tea ceremony to the fun we had on their portrait sesison…it was such a joy to photograph.

and ...

a morning in ORVIETO || manila destination wedding photographer

so i’m a little partial to ITALIA… it’s true, you got me. if i could live anywhere in the world, hands down it would be italy. :) so until then, i will live there through the week long FOLLOW YOUR HEART TOURS… to ITALY that i put on for ...

i'd like an order of seafoam green and peacock blue, please || manila destination wedding photographer

what?! well it IS make-it-what-you-want monday here on the blog.. :)

no, seriously, it’s the colour scheme i’m thinking of doing downstairs in our house, slowly and eventually. i found some pictures in a better homes magazine that was in my beloved chiropractor’s office a month or more ago and ...

#FF - reine mihtla || destination wedding photographer

Upload from July 15, 2011

if you are a part of that huge social network we call TWITTER, you will know that we do this thing (altho i’ve been SLACK the last while!) called #FF or forward friday. we list one or more people we want OUR followers to follow cuz they are freakin rad ...

canada vs the philippines - personal || destination photographer

what a title for my Talking-from-the-Heart Thursday post, hey?

really it’s not gonna be a battle royale. :)

if you haven’t stayed up to snuff on my blog, i was in canada for 2 weeks in june to shoot the delightfully fun wedding of KYM & WINMARK. i had known ...

a PERFECT victoria wedding || destination wedding photographer

i remember when meg’s mom asked me if i would be interested in shooting her daughter’s wedding. i have know kathy her mom for what seems like EVER!  in a good way of course. ;) YES!, i exclaimed. and that was that. a wedding in victoria, on vancouver island in ...

burano - a colourful island in the veneto, italy - travel photographer

there’s something about burano that is so surreal…why, it must be the houses. the fact that they are all different vibrant colours.

Upload from July 11, 2011

as i quote from WIKIPEDIA:

Burano is also known for its small, brightly-painted houses, popular with artists. The colours of the houses follow a specific system originating from ...

this blog is going thru an overhaul! || destination wedding photog

what do you mean?

the fact that i MUST, MUST, MUST get a blogging schedule has been eating me for MONTHS. then last night it came to me. what if i did a certain theme every week day, with weekends as optional.

so this is what i got…and i think it may ...

kym & winmark - the manila wedding celebration!! || destination wedding photographer

i just couldn’t resist…i knew when i was going thru the images on the back of my camera yesterday during the session, that we were getting some good ones.

and i also knew that i couldn’t wait to post them on the blog!

we headed down to the wall city, or intramuros ...

kym & winmark - the vancouver wedding celebration! || destination wedding photographer

as i type this i’m standing in manila, the day of the two part wedding celebration of kym & winmark! we are going to have a fantastical time doing their wedding photos in old manila this afternoon before their big manila reception!

so as you sit thru this slideshow, we will ...

july's wallpaper - kelowna, british columbia || travel photographer

when i was in canada last month, i had the priviledge of staying outside of kelowna at some friends place. the scenery was so serene and beautiful. so i decided to try a different wallpaper - a bunch of photos all in one. let me know if you like it or ...