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what do you mean?

the fact that i MUST, MUST, MUST get a blogging schedule has been eating me for MONTHS. then last night it came to me. what if i did a certain theme every week day, with weekends as optional.

so this is what i got…and i think it may work :)

Make-it-what-you-want Mondays - i will choose whatever inspires me that day to write/share about!

Travel-talk Tuesdays -  pretty much EVERYTHING in regards to traveling :)

Wonderful Wedding stuff Wednesdays -  posting weddings, and anything related to weddings!

Talking-from-the-heart Thursdays - personal stuff, you know, from the heart of where i am at… GULP!

Follow-a-fabulous-person Friday  - this one i’m excited about - someone in the wedding/photog industry that i find inspiring and want to feature! if you want to be featured i’ll add you to my list of amazing people that will be featured here!

what do you think? :)


and a photo blog has gots to have here are some :)

Upload from July 11, 2011

 pining for the beaches of boracay right now…

Upload from July 11, 2011

 at a museum in makati..sadly this intricate carving was a chinese carving from hundreds of years ago, out of a tusk. :/

Upload from July 11, 2011

the infamous tricycle - my current mode of transportation in and around our village and city aside from taxi or jeep for farther ventures! cute hey?

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