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I first met Tracy on TWITTER. yes, you heard right…twitter. i’m not entirely sure how i “found” her..but besides having the greatest first name on the planet (hehehe) she was a film shooter and i LOVED that. she has an edge to her as well, that makes her stand out from a lot of photographers. she is fearless when she shoots.

back to twitter. :)

i have met so many amazing photog friends via twitter. i use my twitter primarily to connect with other photogs and it’s been such a rich tool to do so. with her being a texas girl, and me a canada girl at the time, the connection via twitter was awesome. now that i’m half way around the globe, it doesn’t seem like it - social media and the interwebs truly keep the world so much smaller than it used to be.

so after a couple years of following her, we finally met up at WPPI last year (2010) and it was true luv. :) since then we have stayed in contact thru the amazing interwebs and i was thrilled when she agreed to be featured on my #FF blog schedule.

tracy - you are a gem. and your work is such a representation of the richness that is found deep within your soul. plus..you take the raddest selfie’s EVER and have the greatest short hair. you are my hero for that. ;)

presenting today - ms tracy tesmer.

xotracey Upload from July 18, 2011

TLH: what is the favorite part of what you do (business wise)?
Tracy: My favorite part of what I do is getting to connect to people all over the world; people I have never met.  People see my work and take the time to write me and let me know how much I inspire them.  This is what gives me that “get up and go” to continue with my craft.

Upload from July 15, 2011

Upload from July 15, 2011

Upload from July 15, 2011

TLH: how did you get started? everyone asks, i know, but peeps wanna know!
Tracy: I started when I was 9 and my dad gave me his film camera to photograph some birds in a cornfield.  I was so tiny and the camera seemed so big in my hands but I did it!  Many years later (as in 6 almost 7 years ago) I found myself quitting my second go around at college and touring with national music recording artist, in other words, I was a traveling, touring, sleeping in Denny’s booths music photographer.  It was a great start and I really created a name for myself those two years.  Back then there weren’t that many women doing what I was doing either.

TLH: if you could live anywhere in the world for a year, money not an issue, where would it be and why?
I would probably live in Great Britain or Australia or Canada.  I love all three cultures and the friends I’ve made from these countries over the years really fit my own philosophy of life.  I’m very laid back and take things as they roll.

Upload from July 15, 2011

Upload from July 15, 2011

TLH: favorite story/memory of past client/work/project.
Tracy: I have so many amazing stories of past clients.  My absolute favorite is the one where a friend/client had just lost their partner to a terminal illness and they were just healing from it all.  They drove 2 hours to have their portrait taken and we took one of my most prized and well-known portraits to date.  You could see the healing in that photo.

TLH: what is your favorite foods to eat? to make? to buy? why?
Tracy: To eat it would have to be Pollo Ixtapa, it’s a delicious Mexican dish.  I have a thing for snack food.  It’s really quite and addiction.  Mostly it’s snack foods like pistachios and chips and dip. 

Upload from July 15, 2011

TLH: where do you see yourself in your biz and life in 5 years?
Tracy: Honestly, I hope I’ll be traveling more and getting back to where I was 5 years prior to today.  Otherwise I am ready to take on just about anything!

TLH: how do you want to be remembered?
Tracy: That I was kind and gracious.  That I gave all of myself to everyone around me regardless of reactions.  That I loved well.  That I left a legacy of dreamers who do what they dream.

Upload from July 15, 2011

check out more of Tracy on the interwebs at:


Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tracy-Tesmer-Photography

Twitter - http://twitter.com/tracy_tesmer

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