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The Merriam-Webster dictionary’s definition of GRACE had many meaninigs. One of the meanings is this:

  d : disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency

Grace. it’s a word that we dont use a lot. yet it’s a word that is so powerful.
its used as a name we may name a daughter…it’s used to as what we say before dinner. it’s used when describing how someone walks.

but powerful how?,  you might say..

grace is powerful when you are in a situation and someone is responding totally out of control or in a way that does NOT match the reasoning. instead of responding or reacting how the person is, you totally do a 180 and think to yourself, you know, they may be totally in a place where this is really supercharged stuff in their life and i have NO idea what that may be like so i will be gracious with them. so instead you love on them instead of returning their superchargedness (is that even a word??) to them.
the response is usually awesome…they didn’t expect to be treated with such GRACE.

i know that i have many times been in places in my own heart that i need someone to be gracious towards me. and i’m so grateful they were. it’s only fair, only RIGHT, that i do the same. and i try to make a habit of it.

sure sometimes i am not very gracious…but i honestly try. and i think when we try, that is something.

let grace be a character trait of yours. god can help you do it if you’re having troubles. he is cool like that. :)
those are my thoughts from my heart today. happy thursday!

photo below is of the PYSANKY, or ukrainian easter eggs my great grandma made before she passed. i hope one day to learn how to do them like her, and also to have a few of these eggs that are with my mom, i think. :)

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