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one of the things i do every morning is go through my twitter feed. yes i was on twitter when we lived back in vancouver, but being on the “other side of the big pacific pond” makes twitter an even more “routine” of my morning. and when i wake up its the early afternoon back “home” so i get a big wad of tweets to go through.

this morning was no different. :)

until i read this tweet: Picture 14.png

it’s like this: dave & quin are very dear to jonathan and i’s heart (is that grammatically correct english??!). we love their heart and their lives so full of life and love and fun. and they are also wedding photographers from canada…and freaking AWESOME ones at that! :) check their story here.

so when i saw this, immediately i tweeted, “recipe?!”. addict much? :)

and then scrolled a little more and found this: Picture 15.png

so i should have kept reading my tweets..oh well. :)

i looked at the instructions and thought, “you know, this shouldn’t be too hard”.

[disclaimer - quin is a freaking amazing latte artist. in no way was i about to try anything like she does. i dont have the wrist wiggle thing..hehehe.. so mine does NOT look fabulous like hers. :)]

first the important ingredients:

(all photos taken with my “always with me camera” iphone 4!)




can i just say, once again, how much i LOVE my little stove-top espresso maker from italy? one of the best purchase my heart has made. :)


next getting the nutella/hot water mixture together… fr_1528_size580.jpg

there ain’t NOTHING like the sound and smells of this little guy doing his work…



the next part is where i was a little sketchy…so i did my own thing - frothed soy milk with the nutella/hot water mixture..


then added the lovely espresso and VOILA! fr_1532_size580.jpg

thank you my lovely quin friend for the morning inspiration. miss you much xo


mmmmm yummy ... but more importantly ... how can this little italian get her hands on one of those espresso makers!!
frannie - you could probably get one at BOSA FOODS in east van. :) xo

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