kym & winmark - the SNEAK PEEK - vancouver wedding

when kym first asked me about finding her a wedding for her vancouver wedding last december, i told her i’d have lots of options for her. she then asked if i would photograph their MANILA wedding celebration afterwards. it was then, that a lightbulb went off in my head: why not make a customized package for her and i shoot BOTH weddings? i would be able to not only document her fabulous wedding, but make a trip “home” to vancouver. being almost 6 months since we left for manila, i figured this would be a great plan.

and. it was. :)

if you recall, kym and winmark were featured on my blog with their ADORABLE engagement lifestyle session that i was able to sneak in before we left.

i’m sitting in the VANCOUVER AIRPORT and making a 3rd copy of my images from their wedding and sneaking in a peek of their day on the blog.

i will blog more later..but for now, may i introduce you to mr and mr winmark herrohachi. heheheh. :)

xotracey IMG_0774.jpg




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oh are too sweet. xo

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