i am krissy - manila lifestyle session || destination photographer

i made a call out on facebook a couple months ago for some fun pinoy peeps who would be interested in being in front of my camera. the response was awesome! and today i had a session with one of the beautiful people!

meet krissy. she is a SERIOUS blogger here in the philippines. her blog - “i am krissy: peace, love & lipgloss” is so much fun - this is the plug for her blog..go there..bookmark it! :) she is so much fun! loves fashion..loves traveling, loves life! she definitely has a way with words - her blogposts are always so juicy and full of delight and good tidbits of info! today is the day she gives away TONS of prizes with her giveaway.. one of them even happens to be my bride-to-be, kym’s HERROHACHI tshirt! talk about small work, hey!? :)

without further delay, here’s the sneak peek. it was hard to pick which ones to blog in the peek…they were SO many fabulous shots!

thanks for hanging out with me this morning, krissy! you are a doll! and i can’t wait til the next time! ;)



 are these not THE cutest littel flats you ever did see??? :)


 her smile is the best - so much life and love!




 see?? her smile lights up her entire face!



 love this…as in. :)


 we pulled out my latest camera to my collection - my brotherinlaw found it at a fleamarket in NYC. can we say score?? :)


 and she said she couldn’t do “sexy”… come on now!



so much fun, hey!? :)


These are such amazing, beautiful shots Tracey! And I am not just saying that because I'm the lady in the photos haha! I cannot thank you enough, I had such a lovely time this morning! I am actually very shy around people but you really made me feel at ease. Thank you! xoxo
tracey heppner
tracey heppner
krissy... i'm so thrilled you like! :) had such a fun time with you..you are such a beautiful person, inside AND out! xotracey
hey Tracy and Krissy, I love these... I didn't even know you guys had this done. I especially love the 7th shot there with Krissy looking at her bling... so powerful.
thanks filbert! krissy rocked the session. :)

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