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one of the best things i brought home with me when i was in ITALY last fall was how to make reallly great italian coffee. i brought home a BIALETTI espresso maker and a new love for coffee and all it brings to a culture.

coffee in ITALY is never put in to-go or take-out cups - having a cup of coffee is an event. you sit down. you order it. you chat. you sip it. you chat some more. you people watch. you drink some more. this is how you drink coffee.

you do not take it to go and be along your merry way. no. this was coupled with the italian way of DOLCE FAR NIENTE - the sweetness of doing nothing. this phrase has stuck with me ever since. do i “do it” as often as i would like? no. but it’s in the forefront of my brain lots to TRY. and i think i try. :)

if you have an iphone you need to get INSTAGRAM. is this a plug for an APP? heck ya! why in the middle of your blog, you ask..well cuz itook these photos for this post with my iphone and posted them to INSTAGRAM this morning. not only is it a fun way to see photos of friends and people from all over the world, it’s a good habit to put the photos we all seem to take and do nothing with, “out there”. :)

back to the blog.. :)


1. choose great italian espresso. i chose ILLY because i heard it was good, along with it was easy to ship here (manila) and has a great sealed container it comes with. :)



2. use an italian stove-top espresso maker. i got mine in italy. the brand, again, is BIATELLI. but you can buy them anywhere italian imported products are sold. i liked this one because it has a place for 2 shots. SWEET.


3. watch the crema, or espresso, begin to pour forth! don’t forget to inhale the lovely steam of the crema..there ain’t NOTHING like it!



4. steam full cream milk for the best froth!


5. serve in an authentic italian artisan-made mug for the full effect. :)


but the BEST way to drink real italian coffee is in italy. join me this fall as we take a week to discover LIGURIA - the ITALIAN RIVIERA on the north west coast! check out the details on blog! we not only drink coffee, but eat some amazing food, drink glorious vino, and take as many photos as your memory cards can handle!!


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