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it’s funny how you meet people somtimes, no?

who would have thought that i would meet the fabulous MICA SANTAYANA via my kid’s orthodontist office??? giggle…ya i did. her mom is our kids orthodontist. mica’s business card was on the table, one thing led to another, i talked to her mom, and then emailed mica and today finally got to meet the lovely mica in her adorable quaint studio in urdaneta village, makati.

having initially studying business in university, little did she know that that very thing, along with a few life-altering events, would propel into the fashion industry in the philippines. 

when i met mica, the first thing that stood out was how warm and friendly she was. right away i knew that i was going to like her. she was very candid and “real”, not putting on any facades. seeing her heart as we talked made me fall in love with her designs even more!




as we looked through her portfolio collections she told me how she was so fortunate to be mentored by one of the country’s most prestigious designers, Patrice Ramos-Diaz (check out this feature of Ms Ramos-Diaz on stylebible.ph!). Ms Ramos-Diaz then encouraged mica to go out on her own, as she saw the immense talent that was within mica. just this last january, mica opened her studio, and her cliental continues to grow.




not only does she design collections that are inspired by symmetry and simplicity, she also uses some of the very materials that are home to the philippines. PINYA, pineapple leaves, makes for many of  her elegant pieces. she has even done printing on pinya, which is very rare and such a unique thing to be done here.

her wedding collection continues to grow. i also am featuring one dress in particularon the blog today with the quick photographs i took.




her vision for her company is big. she is an “outside the box” dreamer. i have no doubt that she will be an international designer. she is planning a trip to new york this summer to find some unique fabrics that will, again, be as unique as her amazing pieces.

be sure to see more of her work at her website www.micasantayana.com

mica..thank you for meeting with me! and i’m so thrilled for our stylized bridal session we have in the works! what a fantastic project it will be! xotracey

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